Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Over Hill, Over Dale...

Yes my friends, I am totally rolling along.

Do you see that?! That right front has doubled in size since last week!
I have been knitting for days now. I know that some of you never stop and all of that, but I guess that I have to acknowledge that I am a seasonal knitter. Another part of it, the reason why I haven't been doing much knitting is that my kids have been on school break. Today was our first day back at school. We homeschool, so why would this make a difference? But see, knitting is a great activity for me to do while we are schooling. I can't do much cleaning, cooking, or such because I can't be too much in the middle of something incase my help is needed. Plus, if I'm not in the same room or at least in earshot it is very easy for the kids to get distracted and start taking the leads out of the pencil, seeing if they burn, lining up all of the colored pencils in rainbow order, then numerical- yes there are always so many more interesting things to do when it is time to do schoolwork! So- I knit. I am there. I can see them. I can hear them. I can remind them of what they are supposed to be accomplishing. Of how LATE it is going to be when they get finished if they keep going at this rate- for Pete's sake. Who takes two hours to read 5 pages in a Bio textbook and answer 5 questions?!!! Yeah. That would be my offspring thank you very much. I knit because then at least I feel like I am being somewhat constructive and I can tie my yarn in knots instead of their necks... arrrgggghhh. Sometimes it's a really good thing to have something between me and my offspring.

So. Yeah- I also just saw a preliminary release of this movie "Scrapped". It's pretty cool. It is about this guy- tattoos, piercings, motorcycles, who delves into the world of scrapbooking and discovers a whole new part of his self. I am hoping to get a copy some time next month and have a showing or something. I especially like the way he decorates his scrapbooking bag! (Let's just say the Ramones are favorably featured!) See, it's NOT all just about pastel paper and stickers!

Well it is off to bed for me. I have to rise and shine early and since my husband is still on his round the world travels (in Helsinki at present) I am the one who will need be coherent in the morning. He SO owes me a nice night out! I'm thinking Mojitos...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Fall is in the air

Well. I have started knitting again. I even did some KIPing yesterday evening at Barefoot Coffee Roasters alongside a decaf Cubano- yummy.

It has been a busy summer. I have spent a lot of time getting my new business started and I feel like that was time well spent, but I have missed having time to knit, so hopefully know that things are moving along a little easier in the business area I will now be able to get more done. I have picked up the husband sweater and am actually hoping that he might be able to wear it by the time it gets cool enough for one. I need a cheering squad though. Hopefully some of you can help with that. The back and half of one front (it's a cardigan) are done, so I still have a ways to go.

My youngest daughter is now a teenager and so I am currently residing with SIX teenagers and dear hubby is once again on a business trip. Damn, why does HE always get away? I know, those who travel for business always say that it isn't as much fun as you might think, but it sure sounds more interesting than staying here in the adolescent pit. Well, at least they are interesting teenagers who watch and read things of interest. At least I can have real conversations with most of them most of the time. I just must admit that I am looking forward to school starting again and so that we can get back to having a regular schedule again. Although for some reason I seem to be itching for a road trip. I inherited the gypsy bug from my dad I think.

Well, I should start winding down so that I can get some sleep tonight. Toodles... ; )