Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Dressed for dancing...

Well the sock is coming along and I am somehow getting it figured out. Of course I also realized that the heel pattern I am using was asking for 31 stitches on the heel needle and I have 32. I noticed this out about 1/3 of the way into it. Oh well. It will work out. I think that is what I like about knitting. There are rarely fatal mistakes. You can always either undo your work (I know, it's not always easy...) OR you can fudge your way through and make a better day of it. Today, I like fudge.

Life is going well. Isha said that the weather has been warmer up in Washington and she started classes today. The "boys" have been out of town for the weekend at a rocket launch in Nevada. These are held at the Black Rock Desert - Same place where they have the Burning Money - oops I mean MAN festival. Anyway, it has been pretty quiet around here this weekend and I haven't had to do much cooking either. Kinda nice! It is amazing when I thnk about just how much food those men folk eat! And meat! They seem to like their meat.

In the meantime, there has been much money spent in the last month on school tuition and now a new Irish Dance dress. Yes, Anna grew out of her old dress and as there were no (cheaper) "school" dresses available that fit her, we were placed in the position where we had to buy her a "solo" dress. But, we found one that fits her very nicely and the colors suit her well also. But it still hurts to spend a lot of money on such things. I am going to have to make do with the yarn that I have in stock for a while! But doesn't it look beautiful?!

Well I am off to go figure out dinner - either that or hide in my corner chair for a little more knitting time. I think I could get to the heel turn at least... No one will notice I don't think... Nah. They're oblivious ;)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

There and Back Again...

Well, a new life is to be had. I pulled out sock yarn last week. It might even look familiar to some of you. Yes, the lemongrass yarn is getting a new lease on life. Of course, after I had cast on and happily knit away at it I had a sudden thought that perhaps I did not quite cast on the correct number of stitches. Argh. (I know- tuesday was talk like a pirate day...) Oh well. They will fit my lovely petite eldest daughter who is now up in Washington and COLD.

Last weekend was the marathon driving to get her to college. Friday wasn't so bad. Isha was with me and so was cousin Pete. Pete is a photographer and wonderfully creative and as he was headed back up to Seattle to live again, he came along for the ride AND shared in the driving! So, I DID actually have some time to knit on the way up. We stopped in Portland to have dinner with a friend there and then drove the rest of the way to Olympia. Long day.

On Saturday I helped my dear daughter to move all of her stuff, and then more of her stuff, and then she needed some more stuff and somehow we got all of that stuff into her leeettle room. (do you see the yarn?!)

Amazing. Kind of like a reverse Harry Potter tent. Anyway, I was very very tired that day and really looking forward to the drive home (!). All by myself. With a non-working CD player (that is another story about another daughter...).

So Sunday I was wakened by a somehow cheery alarm clock at 7:00 a.m. While I somehow became vertical and pulled clothes on, Isha made me a PERFECT bowl of oatmeal and some french pressed coffee. I tell you, I must have done something right. good kid. 8:12 a.m. - I then got in the car and drove......................

There are a lot of crappy radio stations up and down the west coast. It was so bad I even listened to the bad rap/hyphy (I won't EVEN repeat some of the lyrics...someone would report me!) CD that is stuck in my CD player because of a somewhat inebriated moment that one of my "other" daughters had. (she shall remain nameless but she knows who she is...)

2:38 p.m. - BUT! Half way between Santa Clara and Olympia is ASHLAND! And do you know what they have in Ashland? they have good coffee. They have good restaurants. They have good bookstores. They have.... a yarn shop. Ahhhh. Pay back time. I enjoyed a nice meal stretched my legs and did a little bit of shopping. Not too much. Just some sock yarn. Only three skeins. Then I had to look longingly at the bag as I drove the rest of the way home.

9:32 p.m. I arrive home. Long day

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Missed the Harlot

Yes. It's true. I was going to be there. I was going to bring knitting children. I was going to...

Oh, never mind. I was overwhelmed with the thought of organizing my day around this when I had family visiting from out of town and in the end I decided to skip it. I missed the sock, but Jeni thankfully gave me a blow by blow the next day as we worked on scrapbooks. I was going to tell her how much I love when she talks about her teenaged daughters since I have a crew of my own. So, another time.

In the meantime, the alpaca allergy has reared its ugly head again. I was able to get the whole right front done before it started bothering me. so, I guess I will wait a few weeks until I pick up the Left front again. But now I ned to start a good wool project. I have yarn for two sweaters (well, at least...) Monster projects, but maybe I just need to start one of them. Both are fairisle, one is a Dale of Norway sweater, the other is Philosophers Wool. I do think that both of them are knit in the round though. That would make them a little more friendly... Hmmm. I also have a niece expecting a baby in Jan/Feb. but I'm not sure she will appreciate a hand-knit item. Not that that will stop me mind you.

Look for new posts about new projects soon!