Friday, April 03, 2009


Last weekend we had a fantastic get-away to Kabini (stayed at Orange County- HIGHLY recommended!!) It is along a section of the Cauvery River in Karnataka, but quite near Kerala. It is close to two Indian National Parks, Bandipur and Nagrahole, both of which are well known for their wildlife populations. So naturally one of the activities is to go on safari! There are many animals that we can see in this area, elephants, monkeys, leopards, deer (three types), HUGE squirrels, Water buffalo, wild boars (they are also HUGE), Jungle fowl (aka "wild chickens"), and of course, tigers. Apparently the animals that most often make trouble for people who live in the area are the boar and the elephants. Tigers and leaopards are shy and run away from people! Go figure. Still, the above list would indicate WHY we don't go camping in India. I know how to deal with bears in the Sierras, I know how to deal with mountain lions and mischievous chipmunks... but elephants? Tigers? Giant huge squirrels that look like they would cart off a young child if they were covered in cookie dust? No thanks.

Anyway, this being Friday, we need a photo. This is one of my favorites of the elephants along the banks of the river. This is definitely one that is better viewed in a larger size, but hopefully you will enjoy it anyway. You can go to my Flickr account to see more photos from Kabini. Enjoy!

And Lisa? I was thinking of you!

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Definitely enjoyed! Looks like a great outing/trip!