Friday, June 05, 2009

Paris Drive By

St. Chapelle, Paris

I know- I missed Friday.
I have been gone now for three weeks, I think. I am not entirely sure what day of the week it is. The calendar at the bottom of my computer says that it is the 5th... which I think is a Thursday. Geez.

So I spent a week and a half and a day in Paris. Wow. LOVED Paris. I love the history, the buildings, the language (just wish I was more conversational with it), the food, the mood. Really a fantastic city. I have taken lots of photos but have not had time to do a lot of processing. I have started the Art History course that I came to Europe for and am running around striving to keep up with a bunch of younger adults who are quite fun. We have seen museums... lots of them. We have seen Cathedrals and I could now write a paper on the differences between Romanesque, Neo-Classical and Gothic architecture. I have had school assignments to complete (though thankfully not the one I just mentioned!) and have marveled at how late the sun sets here.

The "you-know-what" at about 10 pm.

I am now in Brussels, but I hope you enjoy these few photos from Paris. You'll get a legit blog post one of these days when I have more time to actually write. And now... I have to go finish a school assignment on... oh yeah, Gothic architectural elements in cathedrals!


Maya said...

Nice to hear from you! And great photos. I look forward to seeing more.

And here in California, the 5th is a Friday. I suspect that's true worldwide... ;-) Cool that you're having too much fun to know what day it is!

Teenuh said...

I can't wait to see more Paris pics. I still am dying to go back. I think Weenuh might become an international traveler at a very young age!!

Angeluna said...

Glad you so enjoyed my old "home town". Isn't the late light wonderful (remember, that coin flips in winter when it gets dark at 4PM)? I once heard Ravi Shankar in concert at the St. Chapelle. Oriental rugs thrown on the floor on which we lay listening. He sat on a little platform where the altar would have been. That late light streamed through the stained glass windows straight on him. It was magical. He played until almost 5AM. One of the most incredible evenings ever.

Your art class sounds interesting. Do you have time to go to Bruges?

Kathy in San Jose said...

The Eiffel Tower photo is spectacular! Glad you're enjoying your European tour - Paris is one of my favorite cities.

Lynne S of Oz said...

Sounds fantastic! We'll wait - you've got Stuff To Do :-)