Friday, June 02, 2006

It's June?!

Holy Mother of all creation,

It is June. Spring is going to be gone soon and somehow it almost feels as if it hasn't quite arrived yet. Climate change. Hmm. On that note, please do go see An Inconvienent Truth this weekend. (See post below to link to a website that will give you locations, times and such.) I will be taking my family and going at a to-be-determined time on Friday. I am even going to suggest that we walk there. That would be almost revolutionary to my much chauffered offspring. On a related note I am going to go to a meeting this evening for a local "POST OIL" group. I am hoping that they will acknowledge my knitting as a skill set worth sharing. I am not too sure that I have much else to offer. Actually as far as that goes, given the state of my knitting recently, I'm not sure I have that to offer either. Here is a synopsis of my knitterly state of affairs:

Socks: nothing on the needles. My glorious Socks That Rock sock has been frogged. I tried to save it. I tinked, I partial-frogged and I tried knitting a test swatch for a pattern alteration. Somehow none of it "caught" and so I now, once again, have a ball of yarn. No photos. It's too depressing.

Sweater: The husband sweater is still on the needles. But every time I take it out of its bag I feel like I am being attacked by alpaca. This really sucks. I really don't want another unfinished project hanging around. No one needs that much guilt and I have my fair share already thank you very much.

Vest: See sweater. Vest is alpaca.

I really need a project that I can get excited about and finish. I know that I should just right away cast on with the socks again, but somehow it isn't the same once you have already knitted it up and seen what it looks like. It's not that you don't want to do it, but that same excitement, the exploration of the unknown, it just isn't there the second time around. Plus, that just really seemed like a "Spring" color and I'm just not there anymore. Argh. It's enough to make you want a good stiff drink.

Maybe I need to go back to scrapbooking for a few weeks. Much less traumatic.


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