Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I know you're wondering...

The previous post is from my alter-ego. She doesn't have a name yet... I'll have to cogitate on that one. You see, I keep thinking that I need to make this a political knitblog. Do such things exist? For as my knitting is a certain part of me, so are my political thoughts and beliefs. I keep getting more and more concerned about the state of this country. It is time to wake up and smell the bush*t. Hope the Secret Service doesn't find MY blog. Cause if they do, they could arrest me, not charge me with anything- 'cause they don't have to anymore, and you all would wonder if I ever finished the socks...

Sock update:

I am in the home stretch. Isha will have warm toesies.

Ah, but what then.
Well, I have some thoughts, but it might depend on how cold it gets! I think I need a new scarf for one thing... Plus, I think I need to stay away from things that have to be knit and then assembled. Elizabeth Zimmerman and I are of like mind on that one. My only problem being that I don't care too overly much for the Norwegian yoke type styles she came up with to avoid sewing up. Maybe I just need to do some more research.

In the meantime, my husband is in China. I am PMSing, older teenagers are about to drive me to drink. Everyone here has been sick in the last week and I just want to crawl into a cave or something. It must be time to break out the extra dark chocolate and open up a good bottle of red wine. Problem is, it isn't quite as much fun when I'm all by myself.


jeni said...

The socks are looking awesome!

Rhinebeck was mind-blowing! Philadelphia sucks arse :(

And I think you should knit a shwal.

Cindy said...

A shawl huh? Well, I suppose it is possible. There are still acouple of nice patterns in my Folk Shawl book that I would like to work on. Wait, you're not just trying to get me to start an overwhelming large project are you. Although, the Harlot's shawl sure is inspiring (as well as a warning!)