Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Autumnal moods

Wow. I keep forgetting to post. Days go by very quickly and now there is a little "nip" in the air. Fall is my favorite season. The colors, the skies, the air. It is very stimulating and yet calming at the same time. Our school year rhythms have settled in. It seems that I don't have quite as much time for knitting during the day as I used to though. Now that Conner and Anna are older I find that they require me to be more organized in order to adequately support them with homeschooling. So I spend more of my "school day" time sitting at the table rather than in my comfy chair with adequate light so that I can knit. Hmmm. Oh well. Can't be helped at present I guess. I have also decided that I need a brain vacation lately and so I have been reading a bit more. Otherwise I am too tempted to peruse political news sites for too many hours a day and while I think it is important to be informed - sometimes one needs to take a break and get a little perspective. This is one of those times. So instead I am reading novels- don't even qualify as literature I'm afraid. Wow.

I am working on the socks still though. Working on the heel turn of sock #2, then I'm home free. They'd better fit though. Isha gave me some incredibly tiny measurements and somehow they didn't seem quite right so I made some adjustments. Oh yeah, Isha apparently finished a hat during a marathon movie watching/knitting session last weekend. Congrats! Next she'll start a knitblog...

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