Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Otherwise Occupied

Oh I wish I had a space
A space to call my own
A place to put my knitting things
Where none can bring the phone.

I wish I had a space
A place to put my things
Where no one else can feel at home
Oh, that would make me sing!

I SO wish I had space!
Where none could bother me
My time would be my own and none
could tell me how to be.

Until I have some space
I guess I'll have to share
At least I really love this guy
Who's sitting in my chair.


cindy said...

Great poem that speaks to the space we all need to knit!! Sorry I took your blog name...hope to hear from you again!

Juls said...

I too got my Stitches classes. The steeks/Norgi classes I was considering were all sold out by like day 3 but I did get a two finishing classes. I like the knitpicks needles, they are definitely pointier than the Addis. Grumperina says they are heavier but I haven't noticed as I don't knit for as long at a sitting. I like the pricepoint a lot so that I can actually do the two circs without feeling spendy for not just using my dpns. I have not bought the options, just the size 1.

hannah said...

i HEART this poem!