Monday, November 20, 2006

A Spring in Her Step

The socks are loved and appear to be a perfect fit both physically and conceptually! I am sure that my lovely daughter will be most pleased to model them for us so here they are (enter catwalk music with a Washington-esque alternative beat...)

I have named the socks A SPRING IN HER STEP. Seemed most appropriate and the hope is that the "Springy" colors will carry her through the l-o-n-g gray days.

I am currently working on the Wine and Roses Mitts from the latest Interweave Knits magazine. Really a beautiful pattern that. These were originally going to be the Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde gloves, but I just couldn't figure out that pattern. I was mightily confused (How was I supposed to go from 50 stitches in one round to 70 stitches at the end of the next round with no apparent increases?! hmmmm) and then my daughter started to dictate changes that she wanted so I just steered her towards another pattern. Since we had changed plans I am not using cashmere for this, I am instead using the Louet Gems fingering weight yarn that I picked up from Purlesence. These are moving along pretty quickly, although I have learned not to work on them when my eyes are tired or after a glass of wine. Picking up droped stitches or tink-ing lace work is a pain in the arse. I have finished one and am about halfway done with #2. I am liking the yarn very much and thanks to Jeni for suggesting it!

Here is one more photo of the socks. They do suit her (and her boots!), don't you think?

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Jeni said...

Isha looks ecstatic about her new Spring socks - and they soften her stompy boots a little ;)

I'm glad the mitts got the "thumbs up". They're looking great and I can't wait to start mine - very soon.