Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Never Can Say Goodbye

Well, here we go. Kristi is leaving us. She and her husband, Dr. Andy are moving to Boulder, Colorado. I cannot even begin to tell you how much she will be missed. We had a going away party for her on Saturday at Mary's house and you can read all about it here, and here, and here, and... Well, it was a big party. We are a very SOCIAL knitting group!

We ate.
Bobaknitters Jill and Linda peruse the knitterly food!

We talked.
No Blog Rachel, Kristi and my husband! (yes he is actually in the country! Woot!!!)

We smashed a pinata.

Hannah stripped. (we don't call her "Hoochie Hannah" for nothing!)

We cried.
Kristi opens one of her gifts, plane tickets to come back and visit us!!

We knit.

On other news, I have been knitting. I am almost finished with my Tofutsies socks. I am glad they are almost done... it was nice to have an easy, no brainer pattern while I was away for the weekend (I started them on a weekend away with hubby) but now- they are boring. Time to move on. I guess that is true in a lot of ways huh? Shit. I don't want to talk about it.


hannahbeekuhns said...

omfg! :) i'm going to miss dr. kristi so much. :((

no-blog-rachel said...

You just said 'shit' to boost your blog rating to a racier level, didn't you?!! :)

That sure was a good time; I've been watching all the Hoochie Hannah videos and cackling to myself since I got home this evening!

Jean said...

Shucks. Friends moving away sucks. Luckily the world gets smaller all the time and staying in touch with people who are far away gets easier and easier. Still, sucks though. Sorry.