Saturday, July 07, 2007


You'd think I would know better. Knitters are, after all, a greedy bunch. They always want more and are easily distracted by visions of fiber related beauty. But before we get to all of that...
These are finally done. The easy but a little too boring socks. I do like the yarn much more than I thought I would though. Tofutsies. Pink. Nuff said. Nice and cool for summer!

Now, back to the topic at hand, peer pressure. You know, I have no shortage of projects that I would like to do. As I am slowly adding my stash and projects to Ravelry, I am noticing that I have gone, perhaps, just a titch overboard. I hate to admit it, but it seems to be true. So, there is absolutely no reason for me to add more projects. Because all of my stash- well most of my stash has an intended project and when I look at the piles and piles of yarn I can see that I have a lot of knitting to do. So yes, I signed up for Summer of Socks. Fine. Just for fun. Use up some of my sock yarn. (of course I have bought a little more, well maybe a little more than a little, since I signed up!) See, now I want to use this...

Nice, no?
Can't decide on a pattern though. Thelonius? Embossed Leaves? I was supposed to cast on Midsummer Day. I am late.

Then, more pressure. I had seen a while ago that lots of people were signing up for the Mystery Stole 3. I had actually signed up several weeks ago thinking that It looked like fun, but then felt completely inundated by the quantity of e-mails that were landing in my inbox. Ack! Too Much! No, no, no. But then, last night, Jeni mentioned that I could sign up to just receive the special announcements. and that I should do it. And others are doing it too. Oh, who thinks of these things! Brilliant! I can do it.

Now I have yet another project to cast on.

Oh yeah. Forgot to mention that I signed up for this also. Awesome idea. I have the yarn and the pattern. Just need to cast on. It shall be big. Due September 1st.

I'd better be off, gotta go cast on.


Bogie said...

I tried to stay away, but I got sucked into the MS 3 vortex as well. Emy too. We're going to have to take a picture of all of the Boba MS3 knitters and their beaded stoles!

Jean said...

I can't explain why but I signed up for MS3, too. I joined on the last day of sign ups. I don't have the right yarn. I don't have the right beads. I'm immediately two clues behind. And I wanted a little lace shawl break to focus on socks and sweaters for a while. Even getting the "digest" e mails is rather overwhelming. I'll probably switch to special announcements only, like you mentioned. At least I don't feel left out. And the stole sure looks pretty so far... Yup, clearly I'm easily distracted, too.

Juls said...

I hear you about the peer pressure. That is the whole reason I even started knitting socks--now I wonder what took me so long!! as for MS3, I was safe. I'm a lace clutz, no can do.