Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wrap it up- (picture heavy post!)

The Old Guard at hip, new Java City

So there are a few more things I wold like to share about Bangalore.

First, we have heard that there is a good possibility that we will be able to get the house that we liked. Yay! Here is roof top view of the house:

House in Sanjay Nagar

Second, Anna will be attending the Mastery International School. She spent the day there on Thursday and enjoyed it immensely. This is the school:

Mastery International School Bangalore

While she was at the school and Bryan was at a meeting, I was able to attend the OWC* coffee and met many women from all over the world who are also expats living in Bangalore. Awesome.
* Overseas Women's Club

On Friday while Bryan was at another meeting Anna and I did a little shopping. She fell in love with this Sari (although we didn't buy it...):

Sari at Navrathan Silks, Bangalore

And I fell in love with this 7 Rupee (less than 20 cents) coffee!:

Coffee House on MG Road

We also caught Anna smiling about the idea of being the new girl in town! (This one is for Sensei!):
Anna at Soul Cafe on MG Road

On Saturday we went to Lal Bagh gardens/park and saw some fun sights:

Drummers practicing for a performance

"Japanees" Garden

Glass House

Our "Hello Aunty!" greeter. She was so cute!
Marched right up to us, shook our hands with the biggest cutest smile and then had her parents take a picture- so we returned the favor!

Bangalore is a city with a unique spirit and beauty. I am looking forward to our return!

The most exquisite beauty comes from the muddy waters


Emily said...

The overseas Womens Club sounds like it has real potential. I bet there are some fascinating people there!! I wish more of your photos were loading for me, though I know how hard it is to get that stuff working right....

seltsame said...

FYI, it's so interesting seeing India through your eyes. I'm kind of jaded and I don't really get out much while I'm there, but you're really bringing it to life and making me re-appreciate the differences in the environment.

cindy said...

What an adventure you are taking me on in India!!! I really am enjoying your photographs and commentary. The short film of the roadway is very interesting to me. I've never been to India. Will you be there permanently?

Cindy/Snid said...

Hi Cindy-

We will be there in Bangalore for two years and are planning on being there around the beginning of January.

Also, to all- if the pictures aren't loading well, you can also see them on my flickr page. Just look for Snidknits!

Helen Bratko said...

Great pics, thanks for sharing. Wow cheap coffee. Beats $3 eh? Love the school building, nice! Happy adventuring.

Abigail said...

Good news about the house and the school finds! Now we only need to figure out your yarn dilemma. :)

Pauline said...

Sounds wonderful! It must be reassuring to know where you are going to living and which school your daughter will be attending.

Bikerdude said...

Great pictures, and yes, Sanjay Nagar is a nice quiet area to live in. Not old Bangalore, but a close enough cultural cousin :)

Don't know if you know this already, but one of the many names for the Lotus is Pankaj, which translates as 'born of the dirt'. For the lotus will only bloom in the muddiest filthiest part of a lake.

(Your picture is of the indian water lily though)