Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ladder Day Saints

Quick post here but check it out! The workers finally arrived to install the lighting fixture in the dining room. So, in the "some things never cease to amaze me" category...

They needed a ladder to reach the equivalent of a two story ceiling:

Yes, that is two ladders, one made out of some type of local wood, the other of bamboo and they have put them together and are holding them in place. So the electrician is getting ready in the above photo and below he heads up the ladder with the fixture in hand while the guys hold the ladder for him.

Here is the brave soul installing the fixture.

Now here I think I need to say something important. When I see things like this I am amused, yes. But I am also amused by our reliance, well obsession really, in the West with safety and technology. This would never be done in the US. But in a way I think that we have robbed ourselves of a lot of creativity. This was an excellent, low cost and quite safe solution to the problem of how to hang this fixture. Yes, I am amused, but I am also impressed.

Next time? Knitting content!


Margene said...

Zikes! That looks scary...but so smart, too.

seltsame said...

Look how many people they send out for the installation. In the US, you could never afford to send out more than one guy. In India, labor is dirt cheap (remember how little it costs you to hire a cleaning lady?) but equipment is much more expensive. Why buy more equipment when you can substitute with more people?

Rima said...

Oh! Thanks for linking us up on Ravelry. Thought I had already done that!

The guys on ladder...these are some of the little things I miss about living in India. The simplicity and fresh outlook towards life and living.

See you soon today!

Maya said...

It's pretty obvious you're going to need these links for your life in India!

Misuse of Ladders
More on Ladders
and the best of them all:
Ladder specifications!



Bogie said...

Today = tomorrow! ;)

Kathy in San Jose said...

But of course, you missed the all-important part of the posting -- Does the light work?!

And, how many workmen will it take to change those lightbulbs?

Cindy/Snid said...

OMG Kathy- you hit the nail on the head! Well, actually the light does work just fine but I am very curious as to how we are going to change lightbulbs!

Denise said...

Very clever!

I wondered about how you'd change the bulbs too. I guess you just call the workers back?

Debbie Ann said...

Hi Cindy
loved the guys on the ladder photo, that is so Bangalore and I miss it. You won't ever have to change the lightbulb yrself. and yr housecleaner sounds great too.

Also I so much remember the days sitting home waiting for people to show up - I was so depressed that my life had been reduced to waiting for people. It was better when I just went out and let them call me on my cel. but it is hard if you want something done. It really bothered me. your day out shopping on commercial sounds much better.

We will be back in BLR for a few days - would love to see you - maybe I can come see your new house?

have you tried dosa at vidyarthi bhavan, get there early, great dosa and chutney.

I never found those craft stores.

I am having reverse culture shock - continually amazed how nice the disposable paper products are, look beautiful paper towels. Also stunned at the women wearing teeny tiny dresses and bare legs. I am still more comfortable covering all skin!

I miss BLR!


Cookie said...

Ha! Every time I go to Thailand, I am amazed by how safe I think the US tries to be. It makes me think of Bowling for Columbine and how America really is the country of fear and litigation. Have you seen whole families of 4 on a scooter yet? I wonder how many Bangaloreans (is that the proper term?) use car seats for children!