Friday, February 01, 2008

And the Winner Is....

Well I apparently need to thank Cindy of Cindy Knits and Janice of Knit Flix for also giving me the Make My Day award! I guess it is time for me to name names huh? And I think I am grateful that I have received the award more than once because that means that I can give it to even more people!

The rules are as follows: “Give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times.”

Can I tell you all how hard this is?! I am going to go over 10 since I have received the award more than once, and I am sticking to people who blog on a fairly regular basis... family members excluded from winning :)

So, without further ado and in no real particular order I would like to award:

The Knitist: Have to. It was she who first introduced me to blogs, social knitting and Bobaknit. I cannot imagine my life without those connections. Thank you Jeni!!!!!!! Muah! (I miss you!)

Knitters Anonymous: Cookie and Kristi always have something beautiful and inspiring to share. They are also very good at inspiring much sheep related fun and goodness! Port affectionatos.

Fiber Fiend: Margit is an up and coming designer, fiber and yarn supplier, an inspiring spinner and just an all around fun person!

The Wonderful World of Teenuh: TeeNUH is an awesome friend, a great Bobaknit retreat roommate and an amazing creative person (she makes some really cool paper products as well!!!)

Twisted Stitches: Lisa has taken to writing blog posts to her Grandma who taught her how to knit. I love her style and am glad that she is no longer calling herself a beginning knitter. She is doing some awesome projects and is really inspiring!

Knit-topia: Jill knits on the train and makes some absolutely beautiful things as well. She has been known to inspire a deep appreciation for Port. Not as innocent as she looks ;)

Knit@nite: Ah, Linda. Linda is best shared and enjoyed in person but I think you are able to catch a glimpse of her witty self through her blog as well.

Needles and Niels: Abigail is surrounded by boys and men and keeps her humor by knitting (in non animal fibers!) many cute and creative things. She is never afraid to rip things out, change a pattern or otherwise spit in the face of the knitting gods!

No-Blog Rachel: yeah right. She caved. Not only does she blog, she knits, spins and also enjoys a good port!

Spinnity: Mary is not contrary, she is a wonderful hostess, birder, knitter, spinner and has an incredible wealth of knowledge that she is always willing to share!

Purls Beyond Price
: What can I say, she is beautiful inside and out, has a new baby girl (who is enjoying many beautiful hand knit things!) and is also very good at encouraging stash enhancement!!!

Seltsame: Sheetal can whip out knitted items faster than I can keep track. I still can't figure out how she gets all of her patterns onto her computer, but somehow in doing seems able to alter a pattern at the click of a button.

Phew... can I keep going? There is more, but now I'm going international!

Pikku Kettu: From Finland, she makes some beautiful things and is one of several knitters who I discovered through Sock Madness (Madness 2 is coming!!!!)

Dances With Wool: Also from Finland, Lene is a beautiful writer, an incredible artist in many forms, and always inspires me with her thoughtful creations.

Yarnissima: From the Netherlands. Proof that a picture is worth a thousand words. Her designs speak for themselves. Beautiful.

Celtic Memory Yarns: Jo is from Ireland, is another Sock Madder and is a talented writer and sells some beautiful hand dyed yarns on eBay as well! What a witty woman (and definitely has the Irish gift for the gab!)

Linnkat: Okay, she is another Sock Madness participant as well as an American currently living in Kenya amongst all of the upheaval that is going on there at the moment. Interesting to hear what she sees and observes.

How about a few more? Ready....Okay!

Now we are heading to India. Yes, people blog in India! First we have...

Metroblog Bangalore
: My daughter actually discovered this site for me and I am very grateful that she did. It features a group of authors who post about happenings in and around Bangalore. It really helped me to get a sense for the city before we came. And then there's...

Bangalore Daily Photo
: Rajesh posts a photo a day along with some comments about the subject. Again, this blog has helped me to get to know Bangalore a little better and is much enjoyed.

Bangalooru Banter
: Bikerdude is a talented writer and also seems to have a bit of comedic genius. Now I just need some one to translate the Kannada jokes for me!

Chitra Aiyer: Not only does Chitra share her experiences about returning to India from the US, in proof that the world is indeed quite small, apparently our husbands used to be co-workers and know each other!

Where is She Now
: Thanks to Ravelry I discovered one of the few KNITbloggers in India, Swampna has helped me to feel like I am not the only knitter in India!! (okay, okay, she also crochets!)

Road Blog Ahead: Joy was another Ravelry discovery and leads a life that is fascinating, a bit crazy and definitely inspiring.

And finally...

I Love This World: This site always makes me smile and appreciate something about this crazy world that we live in. Good to read after a bad news day.

Thanks for reading this far. Please check out some of these blogs, I promise you you won't regret it!

Next time I will tell you about our house and our neighborhood!


Pikku- Kettu said...

Thank you for including me! And what wonderful new blogs to discover! :)

Teenuh said...

Aww, thank you :)

Maya said...

My only question is, how on earth do you have time to even brush your teeth with all these blogs to read? ;-)

I love the photos of Bangalore... they're really interesting. I like that he's not just going for scenic, but really trying to depict the life of the city...

freecia said...

Hehe. I was looking for a list of bobaknitter blogs (as am a bad RS reciprocater)

Thanks for them and a few more! And I can totally see how they'd brighten anyone's day.

Chitra said...

Thanks you Cindy! What a nice gesture.

Yes, we should meet. It is indeed a very small world. :)