Monday, March 31, 2008


Just had to let you know that I have transformed a UFO into a FO!*

Introducing.... Greeners!

These are in honor of my oldest daughter' school, Evergreen State College and yes, that color is pretty accurate.

Sock Madness, round two starts soon -so more sock knitting will be coming up!

* non-knitter translations...
UFO: UnFinished Object
FO: Finished Object


Teenuh said...

Dude I saw this photo in your Flickr photostream and I was like holy cow, those are some green socks!! Love them!

Emily said...

beautiful! I heart green, the greener the better.

Pauline said...

My newest favorite color! Nice socks too. And wow, where did you find that green wall?

spinnity said...

Very industrious of you - not only knitting fabulous green socks, but killing a UFO as well. Gold star!