Sunday, March 16, 2008

Zombie Socks

Zombie Socks
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Well, I am finished with the round one socks!!!!!!

Took a little longer than I had hoped, but I am definitely "out of training"!
Last night my hands ached, I couldn't focus my eyes anymore and all day I just felt like my speed was not up to par. Woke up this morning, warmed up my still aching hands and finished them off. Very nice pattern and a fun knit!

I estimate that each sock took approximately 12 hours to knit.
I am pretty sure that I made it to Round Two. Now it will start getting tougher!


Rima said...

Congralulations! I am in awe of all-sock-knitting. See you tomorrow...socks in hand.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Well done that girl! Should've timed my socks too - deducting time for sleeping, occasional break, etc. Amazing what we can do when we're pushed, isn't it? Now rest up and prepare for Round 2. And hi, Rima - nice to meet you!

Maya said...

Congratulations! No more wondering what to do with your free time, eh? Free time? What's that?

Jean said...

Hooray for a speedy and stylish round 1 finish! Your zombies look great!

spinnity said...

W00t, congratulations on getting through Round 1 of the Madness so quickly. You are getting yourself in great shape the later rounds by knitting at speed.

Juls said...

you did good! I'm still working on mine. I got benched by an injury..sneezed and blew out two ribs, no knitting for a week right when Sock Madness started!!!