Monday, May 19, 2008

Catch the Bullets

It is inevitable that once in a while it is necessary to do a "catch-up" post.
This is such a post.

  1. I bought the Charkha. I told my husband it is art. It is beautiful.
  2. With the help of a like minded knitter (really she is spear-heading it!), we have started a craft group. Knitters, crocheters, sewers, scrapbookers... Yippee! We have met twice and are meeting a third time at my house on Friday.
  3. I am tired of knitting socks. I'm sure it's just like a short term virus or something. I will get over it.
  4. I have too many knitting projects in an "in-between, need to think about the next stage" stage. This leads to me wandering around the house wondering what the heck to do. Not pretty.
  5. We celebrated Mother's Day, along with a group of Aussie/Kiwi friends, with a brunch at Leela Palace.
  6. I am a little tired of going to fancy expat functions. Can't we just meet for cheap Masala Dosa, idli, and coffee?
  7. We were invited to and my husband was introduced (and garlanded) as an honored guest at this ceremonial function.
  8. I have realized that I am more familiar with and communicate more with the workers in my area than any of the residents in my neighborhood.
  9. I found an organic food store 5 minutes from my house. It is the only ISO certified organic store in India. Had no clue it was there. How cool is that?
  10. Speaking of cool, last week it was cooler here in Bangalore than it was back home in Silly-con Valley. Who'd a thunk it?
  11. The bombings in Jaipur last week were incredibly sad and senseless.
  12. We are planning a trip to Singapore and Malaysia next month.
  13. There are yarn stores in Singapore.
  14. Monsoon Season is coming soon.
We are close to the "June 5" area


Maya said...

Monsoon season coming up - I've always thought that sounded so exotic! Have fun! Stay dry...

Bryan was garlanded at "Traffic congestion: onus lies on commuters too"? I'm confused!

Enjoy the charka! Glad you're finding fellow knitters! All sounds good.

Satchel and Conner did a new "drop" yesterday that was really scary, Satch says, but they're both still in one piece.

Rima said...

How cool that there is a craft group in Bangalore now. Wonderful news.

Bogie said...

You're entitled to be tired of knitting socks. Pick one of those WIPs and finish it--you'll be energized! (At least I hope you will be. If not, you'll have one less WIP. Either way, it's a win-win.) We rented the Darjeeling Limited this weekend--thought about you in the opening scene with Bill Murray. :D

Kathy in San Jose said...

Monsoon season - hours of sticky humidity followed by 1/2 hour of torrential downpour which refreshes for a little while until the sun finally peeks out and causes the humidity to rise again! (a loooong time ago, I was in Southern China during the month of July).

Glad to know you've found some other crafters!

ssri17@ravelry said...

A local crafter's grp! how nice.
Have Fun.

peaknits said...

OMG, I am so sorry for blowing the American Idol surprise - my husband promised me it was a "live" show and everyone was seeing it at the same time when I considered holding off on my post - darned husbands. So sorry, I didn't know any better:(

Yasmin said...

It's wonderful to hear about a craft group in Bangalore. Great news! Now, about that monsoon, please send some rain clouds my way as UAE get way too hot during the monsoons in India.

Gill the fellow knitter said...

thanks for the link! I also googled for yarn stores in Singapore and have added one of them to our 'must visit' list for when we go. My poor husband... but I'm only thinking of him, this one's on Orchard Road, where all the other shops are, so it will save time...

Preeti said...

The monsoons are coming - yay!!! Enjoy the upcoming yarn crawls in the exotic east!!

Lynne said...

Ack. Monsoon. Humid.
Glad to hear you have a craft group going, and that you have some Aussie/Kiwi friends - we aren't that bad really! ;-)

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Some cool linen and cotton yarns on their way to you which, I guarantee, will reawaken your interest... But it is absolutely fine to be sick of socks right now, after the demands of Sock Madness. A little rest, and then Summer of Socks mayhap? Or Six Sox Knitalong?

I too have far too many WIPs around the place and can't settle to any of them. Bogie is right - pick one, FINISH it, and we'll both feel better!