Sunday, August 24, 2008

Closing Ceremonies

Okay- I can't leave a post like the last one up for too long. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. I am feeling a lot better today and yesterday my daughter took good care of me and even suggested we watch a mindless, romantic comedy movie (The Holiday) rather then the intellectual thrillers that I tend to choose when left on my own. She was right. I laughed, relaxed and woke up this morning feeling much better. Again, thank you!!!

(and Tigerr- I need your email address! I can never reply to you!!!)

So, as I write I am watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics (it is broadcast live here) and I have my own Olympic, er RAVELYMPIC accomplishment!

Here we have what I have termed The Husband Sweater (Ravelry details here)
A sweater I started for my much loved husband on March 1st, 2007.
But it is finished and I can't wait for him to get home and try it on.
(we will all keep our fingers crossed that it will look stunning on him!)



MrsFife said...

Wow! Seriously, wow!

Kathy in San Jose said...

Now that's one of the beautiful things I was talking about! He'll look terrific in it.

Maya said...


I'm glad to hear you're feeling better - but here's a big virtual hug anyhow. Hang in there!

And congrats on the sweater! You'll have to send us a photo of Bryan in it.


seltsame said...

Yay! Congrats! We're looking forward to seeing modeled photos. (Hint, hint)

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Darling girl, congratulations! That is one gorgeous jacket and he is a fortunate DH!

I do so know how you feel about wanting to be invisible, to be somewhere you feel totally at home and normal. I do know. And I'm sending energy and hugs and laughter and everything. It is not easy living in another country. But you're not on your own. We're all with you. All of us! Aren't we, gang?

Pauline said...

It is Raveliffic! (hehe I couldn't resist) I can't wait see him in it. Congratulations!

Wildhormonewoman said...

Now don't you feel better for getting something finished?! It looks wonderful, if it was me I'd be wishing for cool weather so I could wear it straight away!

Yasmin said...

Beautiful! Getting something as lovely as this done can pull one out of the dumps easily! and you are seriously talented. Lovely work!

tiggerr said...

You can't mail me? Odd.

Try it again, hope I fixed it!

The sweater is drool worthy!

Bogie said...

That is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations Cindy!! You definitely earned your gold medal!!

Jean said...

Congratulations on finishing! It's a fabulous sweater. Lucky, lucky husband!

Rima said...

Yay to the famous cable sweater! Sorry I didnt email you back. I am back in NYC...will write to you soon.