Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Again...

Well, I must say that this Favorite Photo Friday thing is at least getting me blogging on a regular basis again. This week, I did not have the opportunity to take any interesting pictures. I did get out to photograph on Wednesday, but it was an OWC visit to a hotel/business center and while I took some photos, they are not of the interesting to share variety. SO instead I will share an older photo with you that I have not shared here before (though if you watch my flickr page at all you have most likely seen it).

E Block Slum residents

One of the interesting things about this photo is all of the vessels that are lined up across the front. It had been raining and they were there collecting water that was coming off of the corrugated roof. I really like the colors in this photo though.

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Anonymous said...

Great photo! I'm glad you share your Fave Friday Photo!