Tuesday, April 07, 2009


There are occasions in life when you have to stop and make a reality check.

Am I where I need to be? Yes? Check.
Is my family well? Yes? (mostly) Check.
Am I focusing on the right things? Yes? Check.

I get a little nervous when all is well. When everyone is happy and doesn't need me to do anything for them. I'm just not used to it! But indeed, everything does seem to be well. The kids are growing up and becoming mostly self organized. My husband seems to be happy and well and even I am doing well.

Seriously, am I the only one who gets nervous when this happens?

On other fronts, I am busy getting school assignments done, taking lots of photos,

"These are the people in my neighborhood..."

...writing a paper that is due on the 20th. Oh yeah, I am trying to finish it this week because we are going to be traveling. Should I tell you??? Should I just surprise you with a Friday Photo from this mystery location? I could just give you a clue... it is going to be cold! Well, to us anyway where we have temps in the mid 90's every day! It will be substantially cooler and I am packing some sweaters and warm things :) You are all going to laugh at me though...

Had to say goodbye to two friends last week. Hate that.

Fellow crafter Gill

Elka, Tiki, The Departing Andrea, Linda, and myself...

The house feels different these days. Isha is here,

..."the boys" are often here,

Boy One, aka Brenton.
Need to get a pic of Boy Two...

...which is actually kind of nice... and life just feels, well, good!


Anonymous said...

Gill is leaving India???

Hope you have lots of fun in the coolth of the hills.

Anonymous said...

I understand that strange peaceful quiet and calm, where things are going well and you wonder if you're missing something ... something that needs to be done.

Have a great trip!

Maya said...

Love the pix of the folks in your neighborhood!

Say hi to the girls (and, apparently, guys too) for me.

Have fun on your mystery vacation! (I know where it is but I'm not telling...)