Saturday, May 09, 2009

Still Friday :)

Yes, I am late, but I know that it is still Friday somewhere... like in Hawaii!
(although given how s-l-o-w Blogger is these days, it might be Saturday even there by the time this goes up)

So, this will be quick, I have finals to get back to and photos from a very busy shooting week to process, but I wanted to share with you... Though since I could not pick just one photo you get to see a few :)

The Bangle Ceremony

Last weekend we went to a wedding. Indian weddings are full of pomp and splendor. An "old school" Indian wedding would typically last one week. Now they have the abbreviated version which lasts 2-3 days, but they are VERY full days! So we arrived at about 6 pm, stayed until about 1:00 am, headed back to the hotel, slept (some), woke up at 7 am, returned to the wedding hall and stayed until about 12:30 pm. We had far more rest and far less to do than the bride and groom, but they held up very well and seemed happy once the day was winding down some...

Blessing the Bride and Groom

South Indian Silk Sarees

So here are some images for your enjoyment. I am still in the middle of processing all of them, but once I have I will post them to Flickr and make sure that I get a link here for you. They really are fun to see!

Saree Ari!


Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS! I can't wait for all of that color and beauty!

Triveni said...

I enjoy your perspective on living in Blr. Some observations reg your posts:

1. Wedding ceremonies used to be multi day affairs because people used to travel long distances in earlier days. So they would travel 3 days by horse/bullock cart or on a boat and then spend 1 week with relatives catching up since these journeys were done occasionally.

2. The visiting a maid/servant's for festivals house is just not done by most Indians. The classes do not mingle and most likely the holiday means that most households would rather spend the day celebrating with their own families. So it is quite odd -- in the sense that living in the US, people usu do not visit the gardener or the baby sitter ;-)for xmas etc. I wonder how it feels for the help to have a foreign "boss" and then, how would they adjust with a local boss after you leave town.

3. You look really nice in Indian clothes.

Thanks for the posts and do keep them coming.

Cindy/Snid said...

Hi Triveni and thanks for your comments.

I know what you are saying about the classes, but in actuality I used to work as a nanny for a family (back in the US) many years ago and we did actually meet for social occasions at times. It really depends upon the individual situation that you are working with. We just really have a very different mind set about these things.

Our housekeeper, Lalitha is really a part of our family at this point. We and she know that this is unusual, and yet I cannot operate any other way. We do talk quite openly about what she will do once we leave and I know that I will do my best to help her find a good position. She is an amazing human being and I want the best for her.

PS- I LOVE Indian clothes! :)