Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Travel advisory- blue skies visible

Well, I haven't been able to figure out a way to post pictures from the hotel computer, but we are currently in Olmypia, Washington! We had a lovely drive up (took some pictures of sheep!), stopped in a yarn shop in Portland, missed the one in Hood River, and today went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle. I figured if I commit half of a day to an airplane museum for Conner's sake that he won't give me too much grief for going to yet another yarn store tomorrow ; )

This trip has definitely made me see the advantage of having a laptop with wireless built in. Somehow we have one just old enough not to have it and now all of the hotels assume that you have one as well. Of course we have the complimentary "high-speed" computer in the lobby, but %&*^#! it's a PC! Ack! They have three and this is the only one that seems to want to let me check my e-mail. Oh well. I do actually remember the days when you were out of touch when you traveled. No cell phones, laptops, etc... NO, I don't remember dinosaurs thank you. It's possible that I will be able to use Isha's computer to get a post with pictures going tomorrow, so until then- neener, neener, it's sunny here!!!!!

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hannah said...

sunny there? that's SOOOOOOOO not fair. it's friggin cold here and still RAINING! i'm confused.. maybe we're really in washington? when are you coming home? i miss you already! :)