Thursday, April 20, 2006

Travel Travails Transcended

Well, I had intended to create a post about our journey up north to Washington and Oregon. It would include photos like this:

"SHEEP!" That was me, pointing them out to my poor daughter who had to try to capture a clear image as I was driving at some undocumented speed down the I-5 in the middle of Oregon.

And this:

This is Herman the Sturgeon. He is 67 years old and 10 feet long. That is one big fish. He lives at a fish hatchery along the Columbia river.

It would show the reason why we went to Olympia, Washington in the first place...

It would show you my lovely yarn purchases I managed to squeeze in (or at least evidence of such- bag carrying)

I was going to demonstrate the environmental difficulties I faced in my travels:

(I'm not sure which is the more threatening environment, Mt. St. Helens in the cloud covered background, or the car with these two enclosed in it.)

And show reunions with dear friends from back in the day:

This is Karena who lives in Portland. I don't think she knits.

But this is a knitting blog afterall, so I'll just show you the yarn...

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