Thursday, April 06, 2006

Purls of Wisdom

Wow. I just realized it has been a week since I have posted. Well, I am slowly recuperating from my sprained ankle. You would think that I would have lots of time to knit with a wounded ankle, but alas this has somehow not been the case. I have just spent more time puttering around the house because I am S-L-O-W. I have found it hard to knit while on Vicodin.
I have also been spending a lot of time on the phone offering emotional support to my afore-mentioned eldest daughter. She had a lovely visit here and then when she returned to Washington the adventures began. You know the kind, those everything-that-can-go-wrong-does-go-wrong adventures. The kind where you can hear the mischievous angels snickering as they duck behind a cloud because they are just messing with you big time. But somehow these life adventures always bring you to another level of consciousness so you can't get too pissed. She has an old Volvo. The brakes went out. She needs new brakes. New brakes that will cost more than the car is worth. She is in Washington to go to college. She doesn't have any money. School started on Monday and she lives about 8 miles away at a horse ranch without any access to public transportation. She is screwed. SO, she is now going to move into student housing and leave her boyfriend to fend for himself at the horse ranch. He is not so happy. Drama. SO glad I am over that stage of my life! (It will get better dear, I promise!) Just remember that it is the irritation that forms the pearl!

I will be heading up to Washington to visit her next week and help her finalize all of her moving (let me know about any "can't miss" yarn shops along the Interstate 5 corridor between California and Washington!).

Hannah came for knitting on Saturday. She is moving along with her purse and hopefully took it to Mexico this week and is almost finished! Dan is slowly accepting her new knitter identity. I am working on the black hubby sweater and a couple of socks (two different pairs-) as well as the German Clock Vest. Hopefully something will move towards finished status soon. Had a lovely time at the knitting meet-up last night! Knitters are some of the coolest people!!!!


hannah said...

sensei cindy ~ i hope you're having fun in washington! i've returned from oaxaca, mexico. it was hard to leave, i almost cried. oaxaca is utterly breath taking. colonial buildings, monte alban, mitla, the zocalo (downtown plaza) and the people .. they were so friendly. the markets.. the moles (pollo mole was my favorite). i wanted to take the knitting project but completely FORGOT.. :) mathieu had a fantastic time with you and conner. thank you very much. please send my love to isha and patrick(?). when will you be back?

hannah said...

2/5/07 ~ a year or so later --> i'm now in need of your help to FELT the purse. i've finally weaved in all 1,000 of the ends (next time - i'm using one color). i need to stop by michael's or somewhere that carries zippers to sew on and FELT! OMG! i'm so excited.