Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sensational socks and alpaca allergies....

Somehow Spring has come and gone. Summer weather seems to be here already. It is hot. It is humid. It is uncomfortable. YUK. Maybe the long gray days weren't so bad after all? And now, when it is hot and sandal weather, I have completed my first pair of socks (wool, 'natch.) Wait, let me try this again...


There that's better.

Thanks to Jeni, I already have a plan for pair number two (yeah!) and I also managed to cast on the right front piece for my "husband sweater" (aka "the black fog"- an upgrade from "the black death") But here is the rub. The yarn for his sweater, Andean Silk from Knit Picks, a lovely blend of wool, silk and ALPACA- well let's just say that's the problem. I am, apparently, allergic to alpaca. Did I tell you I love alpaca? It is yummy soft and warm and light. But every time I work with it my eyes get itchy and my nose and throat feel sore and scratchy. I have checked this against the vest I am working on as well- 100% alpaca- and the same thing happens.

I have to rotate working on these things with the good 'ole wool, but I am desperately hoping that it is only WORKING with the alpaca that is the problem. I used to have an alpaca sweater that I wore often and I don't remember having that problem. But now I am concerned because the reaction seems to come much more quickly. Does this means that the allergy reaction is getting worse because I am working with it so much? This sucks.

Oh well, luckily I like wool too. Guess I won't be running an alpaca ranch after all...


Kiwi said...

Thanks for commenting on my page. Your socks are *lovely*. I can't wait to find time to start experimenting with my book.

As far as the allergies, I am allergic to cats and have found that if I am away from them for more than a few weeks, when I come into contact I have full blown attacks. But once I am around them for about a week, it is more tolerable and only get a few sniffles. Needless to say, I suck it up and sniffle away since I own two of them. They're so cute! But you seem to have the opposite effect with the allergies than I do. Hmmm...

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