Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Stash and Yearn

I guess I have been busy lately. Yeah. Stressed with kids. You'd think that I would have this down by now, but somehow they keep evolving and throwing me for a loop. I was recalling lately about how people used to stop and stare at me anytime I went anywhere with all of the kids when they were all younger. Just imagine this youngish looking mother (31ish) followed by six children between the ages of 2 and 8. Mamma duck and ducklings. That was me. People would literally stop and stare, ask "are they all yours?!", and then inevitably someone would say, "Just wait till they are teenagers!"


Well guess what, they are all teenagers. (Well almost anyway, Anna will be 13 in August. Close enough. She is in her 13th year.)
Somehow, while I knew it would be difficult, I just never expected it to be so constantly emotionally straining and frustrating. Maybe I am expecting too much from them. Maybe I worry too much? Probably. But it is sometimes hard to trust when you know they aren't being 100% honest with you. It makes you wonder, just what exactly are they being dishonest about? And somehow I have a feeling that my imagination is very much worse than the reality. Ahhh..... I need to exhale.

Well the good news is I reminded myself that knitting makes me feel better. It really does. When I say that knitting keeps me sane in my profile, I'm actually not exaggerating. I think it just gives me something completely different to think about for the time that I am able to devote to it. I can focus on creating something beautiful and forget about my worries.

I did have some good news last week. When I was in Olympia, WA I found a beautiful pattern for a Dale of Norway sweater. I also found a perfect wool to use- a dark heathered navy blue. BUT they only had 3 balls and I needed like 16 or 17. Well, they tried to order some more for me but were not able to get it for me. Sure I could have found a different color, there are plenty after all, but I really LIKED this color! Not quite black but also not a "wrapping paper" color (don't ask). Anyway, I finally found an online vendor , who you have to call by phone, and who orders directly from Norway so eventually I came home to this:


No. Don't expect to see the sweater any time soon. I am committed to finishing some other things first, but I will do it. I think this purchase might have officially put me in the "stasher" category though. Better than slasher... (that would relate more to the first part of my post..)


Jeni said...

My work here is done! Mwahahahaha!

Cindy said...

OH you evil influence you...

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