Thursday, December 21, 2006

Of Cookies and Christmas...

Well. Christmas is almost here. While I am not "officially" doing any Christmas knitting, I do have a project that I would like to complete before the 25th. The socks. Of course, I finished one, weighed it, it was 50 g. Perfect! Weighed the leftover yarn... 46 g. Wait? Isn't this supposed to be a 100 g. skein? Yep. Damn. Got the yarn in Ashland too. Luckily, my old favorite yarn haunt, Uncommon Threads not only carried the yarn that I was looking for, but had a skein in that colorway as well. Saved the day.

Oh yeah, did I tell you that I posted a cookie recipe on another yarn blogger's cookie exchange (The Other Cindy)? You should go check it out, some of the recipes look pretty good!

Yeah, well. Must have been bad luck. My oven broke. Turns out that it would have been a couple hundred dollars to fix it and the repair guy sort of indicated that it might not be worth it since the oven (range really) is at least 10 years old. So, we went and bought a new range yesterday. The good news is that this is the one appliance that we have been secretly wanting to replace for years, although the timing could have been better (just replaced a washing machine in September!) But, we found a closeout model that suits our needs AND they are going to install it today! We might be able to make some Christmas cookies afterall!

Update: The stove is here! Ain't it purrty?

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hannah said...

this oven is fantastico! can't wait to see it wed night! woot woot!!