Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Whine and Poses

Well, we are getting back to "normal" around here a little more. Thank you, by the way, for all of the kind words and thoughts. It is nice to feel support and community when life hits a bit hard.

I did get a project finished recently. I know you've seen the latest Interweave Knits. The Wine and Roses gloves are simply to die for. However, seeing that I have made them for yet another of my teenage daughters, I have decided to rename them, so here they are:

Whine and Poses

I haven't been able to get them back from her to block them though!

Darling Anna (above) and I spent the weekend traveling to and from Palm Springs. We went there for a feis (pronounced "fesh"), an Irish dance competition. This is a special one though, the Feile na Nollaig is held every year in December. It is a Christmas feis! Santa always makes an appearance and the feis musicians (they dance to live music) have a lively time enjoying food and drink, and drink, and... well you get the picture. There are special dances complete with Christmas themed costumes, dancing a reel to 16 bars of Jingle Bells and the like. Wild, fun, good times. Well, dear sweet Anna competed in many different dances, but one of which was what is called a Treble Jig special. This is a hard shoe dance that is typically danced at Championship levels, but she entered this special that was for Novice and prizewinner dancers and got 3rd Place! I am very proud of her. These competitions attract some very good dancers and she did very well. She also placed 5th in her Hard Jig and 2nd in her Single Jig! So, here is Anna complete in competition gear with her trophy...

Some day I want to knit her some matching socks ;)

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cindy said...

The IK half mitts are wonderful!! yes I do want the cookie recipe!!!!