Thursday, December 28, 2006

Well, Christmas Day has come and gone. This was a hard year to feel celebratory, but now that the 25th itself is past, somehow I feel like I can be a little more festive. Maybe it is because we have family visiting now. I am busy feeding (myself and others!), tidying up and visiting places that I don't always get a chance to visit. Today it was Ikea (this is a tourist destination if you are from Nebraska!), tomorrow San Francisco. It's nice to have something to do really and good excuses to get out of the house and abandon, I mean leave the children

I haven't gotten as much knitting done, although I did finish the socks for Bryan in time for Christmas. So funny. They were a surprise for him and yet I knit them right under his nose. He never even guessed that they were for him! I have to thank Isha's boyfriend, Patrick, for being my size model as I was working on them, but true to my past experience with the Sensational Knitted Socks book, I went by the measurements for the shoe size and they fit perfectly.

So, what did you get?

I got a wonderful looking kit to make a scarf or perhaps a wrap with some beautiful silk/wool in a lovely shade of light "sage" green. Ummmmm, I am trying not to cast on yet. It is calling my name though... Thank you!!!!

I received a set of Knit Picks' Options needles, from my husband (LOVE that guy!). OMG, I LOVE these needles! They are like Turbos in terms of the weight and the smooth factor, BUT, and this is where I always struggled with Turbos, - the tips are pointy! Oh, are they wonderful to knit with. They are fast and I find that I don't need to pay quite so much attention because the stitches pick up so easily. Very cool.

My daughter Anna also gave me a pattern, Seda's Vest from Knit Picks. Now I just need to get some yarn to get that started.

I am working away on the shawl/Christening Blanket for Danielle and the baby, but I am coming darn close to running out of yarn. I have ordered more of it, hopefully enough to complete it, but I haven't heard yet whether it has come in or not. Hopefuly soon!

Well, since we are still in the Christmas season and have not yet reached the 12th day of Christmas, I hope that you all are still having a wonderful holiday!

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hannah said...

christmas with you and the "family" was so wonderful. i cannot ask for more.