Thursday, December 06, 2007

A few things...

You know you have been e-mailing a lot about India when you see this at the top of your Gmail page:

हवाई टिकटे - - भारत जाइए 559 मे ओनलाइन बुक कीजिए
I'm pretty sure that's Hindi. (Hey- at least I know it isn't Kannada!)

Benny update: He has been diagnosed with probable early stage heart disease but has been cleared for travel! Yay!!

Yesterday I was at home sorting papers at the dining room table and looked up to see a stray Pit Bull* in our backyard with Benny in his mouth, tossing/shaking him back and forth. I ran outside and chased off the dog who thankfully dropped Benny right away and I then managed to get Benny inside. I took him to the vet later but he was miraculously okay. Amazing. If I hadn't been there?...
My mom had arrived just after this had happened and said that if he could survive something like that, he ought to be fine with an airplane trip! Love my mom.
*I have nothing against Pit Bulls. We used to have a lovely Pit Bull named Bandit and she was one of the most wonderful pets we ever had. But after having her I am also very aware of how incredibly strong they are and how much damage they can do.

I am continuing to sort, give away, donate, pack and throw away STUFF. So much stuff. How does this happen?! But I must say that while there is still a lot to do, I am seeing a difference and it looks a little (okay, minuscule) bit better every day.



seltsame said...

Hey, that's a damn cheap ticket! $559 for an airplane ticket if you book online.

Jean said...

Man, that Benny is a tough cookie. I'm sad to hear about his heart condition and that he had that run-in with the dog, but thank God he's okay. Maybe it's the proverbial nine lives thing? Good luck with the continued packing!

Denise said...

I'm glad Benny's okay - both with the health issue and after his recent encounter!

The 'stuff' accumulation is kind of amazing isn't it? We're not exactly 'savers' here - I regularly go sort and get rid of things (goodwill, freecycle, etc.). And it still piles up. I'd hate to see what it would be like if we were big time shoppers or packrats!

Good luck with the continued packing!