Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Need a Little Christmas...

Boy, I feel like I have more unfinished business than a shy cat with constipation.

Okay- sorry - that might be a strange image.

Anyway, I am trying to feel Christmas-y and my mother brought over a little tree.

A really little tree.

But somehow it is very sweet and it has endeared itself to me. (Now I just need to remember to water it!)

Today I am feeling like the tide has shifted. My car is listed for sale on Craigslist. We are getting calls from the movers. I am making appointments to get things fixed around the house and we even have renters. All of the little things that need to get taken care of in India are starting to happen and as my husband said the other night, "This is really happening."

We are having a Bon Voyage/ Holiday open house on Saturday and I know that when I picked that date it was because I thought that by then things would be winding down. :) Silly, silly me. Oh well. It shall be as it shall be. I am looking forward to getting to see people before we take off but the "goodbyes" have already begun. Saw Cookie this weekend and had to give her a goodbye because she is going to be leaving soon, and by the time she returns we should be in India. If you are local and would like to come and somehow did NOT receive an invitation through other means, just drop me a line. All are welcome.

I did have one nice bit of knitting related news over the weekend. One of my blogfriends, Denise, had a contest on her blog in celebration of her blogiversary and I won a large skein of Fleece Artist yarn!!! I shall make something nice and Indian-ish with it.

Oh - and Jeni had her pattern published in Knitty! W00t!

I am still knitting on things I can't show you and am doing some test knitting that I am not sure I can blog about (forgot to ask about that) - yeah. Test knitting. Because I need more to do. Really. (okay, actually I find that it is relaxing and helps me focus a little better when I am working on other things- honest!)

So this is probably one of the most dis-jointed blog posts I've ever made. But this is it for the moment and now- back to that unfinished business...


Jean said...

What a cute tree! It sounds like all your plans and preparations are coming along very well. Hang in there, you're doing great.

Helen Bratko said...

Wow, everything seems to be falling into place. Amazing, eh?

I look forward to seeing you before you leave!!

Cute little tree - a 'toned down' Christmas this year, eh? We moved one time around Christmas - we had Christmas around the boxes! Ha ha.

Abigail said...

A little Christmas never hurt anyone. Glad you found some cheer. :)

Your car is tempting me greatly. I wonder if I could convince my husband that we should upgrade to something bigger.

Denise said...

Things sound pretty busy at your place. If only I lived closer so I could stop by your open house!

I shipped your yarn yesterday via UPS. It should be there Tuesday. Enjoy!

Debbie Ann said...

when are you getting to Bangalore? do you need any help on arrival? someone picking you up and you have a place to stay? let me know what I can do (besides an internet connection, those are acts of some god).
my indian phone number is
91-99 01394394