Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Departure: January 2nd, 2008

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here and I would like to share with you some of what has been going on. First I should let you know that we have a departure date! Finally!!! We are leaving on January 2nd. That is a week from tomorrow. Are we ready? Nope -not even. But we are making progress and I am not too stressed out about it - yet. But we have had some lovely gatherings.
Some of my dear Homeschool friends had a going a way party for me and it was really lovely to see all of them, many of whom I do not get the opportunity to see much these days. We also had the Open House/Bon Voyage party during which we were able to catch up with old friends. Here is Conner now as tall as the two Bills!

So we have our passports with visas and are fairly set to go, I think I even have the cat thing figured out, I just need to make sure that all of the paperwork for bringing them with us is done properly. The bureaucracy is killing me. This form, that form, copy this... I really hate this kind of stuff. Somehow I get the feeling that this is good training for dealing with things in India though.

We still don't know for sure about the house. although we are a little suspicious that we don't have it. We keep hearing things like, "Haven't been able to get ahold of the owners", or phone calls not returned, etc... which makes us suspect this is the Indian version of "It is not available" We'll see. I am actually, miraculously, not too worried about it. I would prefer to know where we will be, but I feel fairly confident that we will be able to find something that we like.

We have all been packing and cleaning and have appreciated VERY much all of the help we have received. Really, a large part of the job is getting rid of all of the junk that we collect on a daily basis that makes it impossible for us to see what we actually have! As I have been packing I have found a different sort of stash... chocolate! I didn't realize I had quite so much! I open a drawer and there is a bar of dark chocolate. I clear a bookshelf and hiding behind the books is more dark chocolate. I have been finding it everywhere! Very funny. I hide it from my kids and then can't find it myself..

Now, before I get too far, I also need to send a HUGE, HUGE thank you to Denise!!!!She sent me this lovely yarn and- check out the card! I didn't realize that she makes these!!!! She has a whole line of them. Dang. They are cool! I hope some of my favorite LYS owners will see this and get her cards or something... And the yarn? Well, see for yourself, but it is lovely. The colors are jewel like and some of my favorites. Yum!

Fleece Artist Merino 2/6

Now, on to the knitting. Yes! I have been knitting! It has actually been really nice to have a project that I can turn to when I need to relax and unwind. It is just challenging enough to distract me, but it doesn't contribute to my stresses. So, enter Cookie and her test knitting project. Wanna peek? I knew you would!

Nice, no?

All of the gatherings really remind me of how fortunate I am to
have so many beautiful, wonderful and loving people in my life. I am so grateful that we have things like blogs, Google chat and Skype to keep in touch! It will help me feel like I am still surrounded by all of those that I love.

I am going to miss all of my homeschool friends. I am going to miss all of my knitting friends (how can I replace Bobaknitters?!) I am going to miss all of my favorite yarn stores with their vast palettes of yarns... Rowan, Malabrigo, Blue Moon, Regia, Crystal Palace, Cascade... We are so spoiled here!

I am going to miss having family a close drive away. Family that laugh at jokes that no one else gets. Family that love you regardless of your flaws and weird tendencies (like bringing knitting with you to every family gathering!) I am going to miss watching the younger ones hang out and enjoy each others company and the loving teasing that goes back and forth between us all. I am going to miss the hugs and the love...

This last week is going to be very hard in many ways. There is A LOT of work to do yet, boxes to pack and things to move. There are quite a few things that remain on our to-do list, but hardest of all are the many goodbyes that need to happen. I am hoping to get to see all of you who are close by before I leave, but if I don't... rest assured that you are being thought of and I look forward to our next meeting, whenever and wherever it may be. Thank you to all who have helped, to all who have come by to visit or send a card, an e-mail or leave a kind comment here. It is much appreciated!!!

I guess that is it for now. I'm not sure that I will have a chance to post again before we leave on the 2nd but I do want to wish all of you a Happy Solstice, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!

I'll catch you on the flipside of the world- Bangalore!


Margene said...

Happy Travels to you!

no-blog-rachel said...

Happy and Merry to you too! See you on Thursday at Boba. :)


Helen Bratko said...

Great to read this long post. :-) I am so glad that you are feeling blessed and have so many friends that are helping. Sounds like things aer progessing well. Sending up a prayer for you housing in Inida.


Bogie said...

I will not be able to see you before you leave as we'll be traveling soon. I'll keep in touch via FB, gmail, and through your blog. Have an uneventful flight and remember, we're all just a click away!

Abigail said...

The BobaKnitters won't be able to replace you either, Cindy! Have a good trip and a wonderful New Year and I look forward to reading about your adventures on the other side of the world. :)

Denise said...

I'm glad the yarn arrived before you left.

Seeing as how I was in a complete tizzy getting ready to take a mere vacation abroad, I can't imagine getting ready to move there. But I'm sure everything will manage to get done as it needs to. (good grief, I can't believe you're managing to get some knitting done in the midst of all this!)

I'm sending speedy packing thoughts to you and best wishes for a quick and safe journey.

Maya said...

Love the photos with Ari & my boys, and of you and Isha. Not quite so enthusiastic about the one of me & my mom... ;-)

Let us know if you need any last minute help before you go!

Jean said...

Sending you many warm wishes for lots of ease with all the final preparations and certainly safe, safe travels! It sounds like you've really got things under control. I"m sure the housing will work out one way or another. You have such a fantastic attitude about it all and that will be invaluable! Keep smiling!

Mridula said...

Wish you a very happy 2008 in India!

Lynne said...

Oh boy, what you write rings a bell!
Wishing you happy travels and a nice place to live in Bangalore! Welcome to 2008!

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Dear heart, we're all travelling with you in spirit. Whenever things are a little trying, just listen to us all chattering at your elbow and suggesting what to do! And please PLEASE let us have contact details asap - lots of suitably cool yarn goodies ready to wing their way to you in Bangalore! Love and all joy in 2008 - who knows, some of us might just pop out to see you!