Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Go ahead...

Before I go any further there is something that I must do.

First I need to thank all of you who have left comments. Usually I try to respond individually to each comment and I simply have not been able to keep up with that lately. Your presence here is appreciated and helps very much to keep loneliness at bay! Thank you, Thank you, thank you!

Secondly I need to thank Sarah at Bella Knitting. She gave me an award!

Sarah, you're a sweetheart and I am enjoying sharing my adventure with all of you!!!!
I am going to have to wait a bit to pass on the award to others...but I promise I won't forget!

So- where were we? I had had a lovely day last week and ever since then life has showed its mundane-everyday life-get on with it side. Well... Indian style.

We have our residential permits.
I have a sim card with an Indian number.
I got a NEW cell phone :)
We have been looking at furniture.
I bought plates and bowls.
I bought cups.
I bought silverware
I ordered curtains for our house.
Anna said she was actually craving Indian food.
We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Yes. It has been quite a week filled with a lot of driving, waiting in traffic and me trying not to get stressed but check it out...

We have keys!

I have never in my life had so many keys. Each and every door has a lock. Not sure if it paranoia or necessity. But it is certainly rather ironic for someone who never carries house keys and tends to leave things unlocked.

Yes folks, the days of "shifting" (Indian English for "moving") will be upon us soon. I was at the house today and I made a list of all of things that still need to be finished but then later realized that while there a lot of things, they are all little things. Tomorrow, hopefully, we will get some furniture in the house and then the plan is to actually sleep there Friday night. We might not have gas (for cooking), we won't have an internet connection (shall have to find a Wifi spot!), but we will have a house to call ours for the next two years!

So, I shall make this a brief post as I am dog tired and got little sleep last night but I do want to share with you some of the many everyday sights I get to experience as I am driving all over this traffic filled "rash" driver city...

Bangalore wild life:
Driving along. Minding our own business and what do we see?

Yup. Camels.

Then on another excursion we were stuck in traffic (it's true- shocking- but true) and I looked over and saw a small herd of goats! They were sort of grazing in an empty area next to these shops. What is with the goats?! Traffic moves on a little and then I see...

If you look closely you will see and understand. Goats = mutton. Did I tell you it is really easy to be a vegetarian in India?

But one of my favorite sites has got to be this. Could not believe it...

That says KenTACKY Fried Chicken. We laughed and laughed so hard! Then we had to try to explain it to our driver. Made my day!


Jasmin said...

Dude, the camels are AWESOME.

Unfortunately, there weren't any in Tehran the last time I was there.

Maya said...

Kentacky - that's priceless! Even better than Taco John's in Wyoming (I never did get up the courage to eat there...)

I'll be thinking of you on Friday - new digs! As I said to Bryan, I'm dying to hear if you actually get what you picked out at the furniture rental store...

News from here... Ygrayne has been to two job interviews and is making more calls. Satchel may have a job too. Will got Athlete of the Week at his school for wrestling. It's raining...


tiggerr said...

Love reading about your adventures.

How is your 13 yr old liking it so far?
If she ever wants pen-pal back 'home' I have a 14 yr old who would love to converse with her!

And to add, like Maya said, it's raining AND there is snow on Mt Hamilton and the Santa Cruz mountain tops.

Ruth's Place said...

Love the camel shots!! We got handed the same number of keys and type of keys when we moved to South Africa, I'd never had so many keys either, it sure adds weight to the handbag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy!
Here via your comment on Blr MB. Yup, that 'Kentacky' bit is hilarious but you know, that hotel has been around for ages now and making a lotta bucks for its promoters! The desi version of KFC, it is...I swear!

theknitist said...

Yay, it's good to see you are settling in. But the keys?! HMFSBz! How do you keep track of them and how do you not look like a school janitor, carrying them all?!

Oh, and the cooking gas and internet that is missing from the house is temporary, right? I mean, you can always eat sammiches or use a microwave, but you'll get internet eventually, right???

Helen Bratko said...

Great post. Love the camels and the KenTacky fried chicken. Thanks for the laughs. I hope your 'shift' goes well on Friday!

Teenuh said...

What an exciting adventure you're on already! Sorry I haven't stopped by your blog for a few days, been busy as always. It seems so unbelievable to have a friend that is so far away! That is a crazy set of keys, but how cool that so many of them are the old school key style.

I can't wait to see pics of your new digs, I hope your move goes well. It will be nice to have your own stuff again. :)

crochet secrets said...

I agree kentacky was priceless, thanks for sharing.

Premshree said...

The Hard Rock Cafe in Bangalore finally opened up?! Whoa! Gotta visit next time I'm there.

Bogie said...

What a coincidence, you make my day too! lol

Congrats on getting the keys, that's huge!

Jean said...

KenTacky...tee hee hee... I hope you're settling into the new house nicely. I'm sure it'll be nice to have a place to call home, given that the culture shock probably won't wear off anytime soon. 'Cause, yeah, camels in the street and dead goats hung in doorways may take a while to get used to, if ever.

cindy said...

Hi Cindy............congrats I have also just awarded you the Make My Day award.Check out my blog.

tina said...

i asked jill what was going on with you and she said "duh! her blog" and i said "right, i really need to start checking out ppl's blogs!" So here i am looking at yours and loving it! and missing you! sounds like you are having a great time. i'm so glad you have a place you can settle into for the next two years. can't wait to read more!

Denise said...

The Kentacky Fried Chicken cracked me up!

The keys are very interesting. And big. Or at least they look bigger than usual.