Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's All About the Love

Warning...knitting related content ahead ;)

I realized something on Friday. I realized that knitters almost always get along well because they share a love.

A love for COLOR

A love for TEXTURE


I realized this when I met Rima. Rima is a lovely young woman who found me through Ravlery- and asked if I wanted to get together some time. She is from Bangalore and is currently living in New York City, but is here until March visiting her family. Well- being the far too home bound person that I am at present I jumped at the opportunity to get out of the house and do something with a like minded individual. So a plan was hatched for her to show me some of the craft related stores in and around Commercial Street.

Now, Commercial Street deserves its own post some day as it is really something, but- not today. Today is all about the crafty stuff. So, we met and headed for the first shop, Ravi's Craft Shop. I didn't really know what to expect as I had only visited one other yarn related shop in Bangalore before (Bombay Embroidery Store in Raja Market on Avenue Road). Ravi's is different. For one thing it was larger - take a look:

Yes, this is larger! And they have a LOT in this store. Fabric, sequins, ribbon, embroidery floss/thread, pattern books, Sari "falls", and of course- yarn. This really is a full fledged craft store. Word from Rima is that they are very reasonably priced and won't try to "fleece" you (always love that term in relation to knitting!). We throughly checked out the store and Rima bought a few things.

Now the next store, Surya Emporium, looked to have a better selection of yarn and larger quantities as well. Yes- it is all acrylic- but it did at least look to be decent acrylic and not the really cheap scratchy stuff. They even had some nice looking lace weight here! And of course, crochet thread...
They also had some sequins.. and beads! I like beads. It's all my mom's fault...

We then walked around and looked at some of the fabric stores. Wow. Indian textiles are absolutely gorgeous! Rima showed me some of the nicer stores and all I can say is that I am now contemplating getting a sewing machine. It would be heavenly to work with some of these fabrics. And I did bring some sewing books with me (somehow I had a feeling...)

On the other hand, I can also buy some textile items made by others! And Rima was able to help there as well. Turns out a good friend of hers, Nasir, runs a shop called Zara on Commerical Street that deals in fabrics for curtains, upholstery and the like. They also have a floor of ready made items. They have some of the most drool worthy textiles I have seen here. I was really bummed that I have already had most of the curtains done for the house as the fabrics here are far nicer!!! (I do have one room that still needs drapery though... I think I am going to have to go back there!) Look at some of the silk quilts they have.

The ones draped over the banister/handrail are made out of recycled saris. I LOVE the blue one!

Rima has also blogged about our visit here and and even has some pictures from our delicious lunch. Yes- she was even smart enough to have pictures of us. Somehow I spaced on getting a nice picture of her. Bad blogger. I will though... we are hoping to get together again soon.

Now on to other yarn related things. First, while you may have caught a glimpse of this in my list post I want to chose you a closer look of what I have been knitting:

This is the test knitting project for Cookie I have been working on and all I can say is that it looks to be a really fun pattern! She is currently looking for other test knitters so you can check out her (and Kristi's!) blog for more details if you are interested.

More knitter news... it's almost time for (insert drumroll)

Do you remember this from last year? I do. The late nights, the cramped fingers and sore wrists, the sometimes confusing patterns, the tension and stress as we raced against other knitters sometimes half a world, and perhaps an advantageous time zone away. And you know what? I wouldn't miss it for the world. Sign ups are under way for all who participated last year and will open for new participants on February 15 th. So, what do you think? Have you got the balls? ;)

So I will leave you now with a sunset. My own Saturday Sky. A happy day to you all!

Taken from my rooftop...


Knitting B said...

Great shopping photos on your blog and Rimas!

Rima said...

Cindy: It was wonderful to meet you! Wonderful!

Yes. We should do this many more times before I leave. Will call you in the next couple of days to make a plan.

no-blog-rachel said...

What fun! And what beautiful quilts! I'd totally go for the sewing machine.



Abigail said...

Looks like fun! Those fabrics are very tempting. I've been contemplating sewing recently too. I borrowed my mom's portable machine, but I haven't actually sewn anything yet.

tiggerr said...

The Blue quilt is stunning!

JillyB said...

Great craft shops! I can't blame you for contemplating a sewing machine, the fabrics looked amazing.

No boba pics this week, I had my camera but I forgot to pull it out. I suck I know. next week for sure.

Cookie said...

Oh yarn!!! And the fabrics, wow. I would definitely be tempted by sewing with that kind of fabric around.

Nice shot of the lace! :-)

Karen L. said...

It's Sunday afternoon here. I'm on my way to Bobaknit as soon as I brush my hair. Your blog is eternally delightful. Almost finished with your Best Friend Scarf. It has been a fun pattern, once I stopped being afraid of how complicated it looked. Plan to send it to a high school friend who lives in Montreal.-Karen

Emily said...

those quilts are super cool. I hope you bought the blue one!

Jean said...

Rima sounds like a sweetheart. How wonderful to make that connection and get the inside scoop on the local craft stores. Those beads and fabrics are stunning.

spinnity said...

Hey Cindy: thanks for the awesome blog posts - I won't leave too many comments, but it's great to be able to read about your discoveries and life in Inja. And thanks for the tip on Sock Madness 2 - I'm sending in my sign up today!