Monday, February 11, 2008


One of my favorite Winnie the Pooh movies is The Blustery Day.

"The rain, rain, rain
came down, down, down
in rushing rising rivlets."

Well, as we were going to sleep last night it was raining and thundering, and lightning was striking all around. We went to sleep to the sound of pouring rain and woke up to the same sound.... almost.

Bryan got up and discovered water on the floor in the living room. It was coming from upstairs, cascading down the three stories like a nice little water fall. When we went up we discovered this

Water was pouring down from the ceiling, along the wall

and was about 1 inch deep throughout the entire room. My craft room.

If you look closely, you can see the puddling

I grabbed a push broom and started pushing the water towards the floor drain in the bathroom (one typical Indian housing feature I am very grateful for!) and Bryan went to figure out where the water was coming from -as it was no longer raining outside! He turned off all of the pumps for the water tanks and the water stopped coming!!! I'll have to explain how the water systems work here in another post, but I was most grateful for a stop to the cascading falls.

I started pulling things out to dry and when Lalitha arrived she helped as well. It could have been far worse. Some of my knitting got damp, but not wet.

My spinning wheel was, fortunately, against the dry wall so it only needed to be wiped off.

My Scrapbooking materials did not fare as well. They were right underneath the main leak and some items absorbed quite a bit of water.

And the thing I am quite thankful for is that sweet Lalitha had put most of my yarn and fiber away here last week

I have to say that while the day started out quite bad, I am feeling much better now. Just when I was feeling incredibly frustrated by everything that had happened, Lalitha came in with a plate of Idlis and chutney for me. She was sharing her lunch with me. I have to admit that I really needed someone to do something nice for me right at that moment. As she turned away to go eat her lunch out back, I couldn't help it, I started to cry. I was just incredibly touched that she would do that.

And how did this all start? Well it is a bit of a long story that isn't really that interesting, but basically the owner flipped a switch she shouldn't have when she was showing Bryan something yesterday. I don't blame her, it was a simple accident. It just happened. But I should add that this came after a faucet broke in the servant's toilet and the water ran and ran and ran, until it ran the water tank it was connected to completely dry (leaving our kitchen and guest bathroom without water as well.)

Now- I need to go attend to a drip in the bathroom.
Anyone know who the Hindu god of water and/or plumbing is?

UPDATE: It happened again! So, there is definitely something broken- but we think we have a better idea of what it is - so now we can pass that information to someone who can (hopefully!) fix it. Keep your fingers crossed!


Denise said...

Oh no! I hope today is a better and drier day!

Maya said...

Oh Dear! What a way to start the day. I guess on the bright side, your new house doesn't leak in the rain, which is where I thought your post was going at first. I hope your scrapbooking things dry out well.

Thinking of you!


Bogie said...

Oh my! As you said, it *could* have been worse, but I'm sure it didn't seem like it at the time. ((hugs))

Abigail said...

No fun! I'm glad your yarn and spinning wheel were untouched! Paper and scrapbooking stuff are easier to mail. :)

I hope to day is drier!

Pauline said...

Thank goodness that it was things that can be replaced ( though it would be a pain to do so).

Sounds like a bad week so far but I hope that you will be getting back to "normal" soon!

Bryan Bajema said...

It truely was something to wake up to. My alarm went off and the first thing I thought was "it's still raining"... then it progressed to "that's louder than rain, is the maid's shower still leaking", and then I got up and it sounded even louder than that, "it sounds like it is inside". By now I was truely half awake and as I walked out of the bedroom, I felt the spattering of waterdrops on my feet. UH OH!! I immediately went up to see what was going on, found the mess and came to wake up Cindy. Her day went downhill from there. I hope tomorrow is better.

Kathy in San Jose said...

Puddles in the living room...not so good! Wet scrapbooking materials - maybe you can incorporate some of the water-damaged pieces into your next project. After all, this is part of your India adventure!

Hugs to you!

theknitist said...

What a crappy thing to wake up to. I hope everything dries up soon and that most everything was salvageable. And why is it ALWAYS the plumbing that's such a PITA - even in a new house/apt?!

Rima said...

Oh No! Bummer. I hope things get fixed soon.

Have a nice tomorrow :)

tiggerr said...

*sending you a virtual hug*

And some warm sunshine from California.

Hope tomorrow is better.

Margene said...

Hopefully you can find someone to fix it! What a mess to deal with and thank goodness you wheel is ok.

Twisted Stitches said...

Oh, so it rains inside your house too?!?!?!?
See my blog post for explaination.
I am glad to know you had help and a lunch companion on such a hard day.

Helen Bratko said...

Ugh. So glad you had help.

Anabel said...

Hey Cindy! That sucks. You could try the goddess Ganga, since she's the personification of the River Ganges. For an extra measure, add in Vishnu, since the Ganges springs forth from his lotus feet. Don't you love India? Bharati jai hai. We do miss you, though.

hannahbeekuhns said...

dear god - all of your scrapbooking crap is wet!! OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! at least your spinning wheel is bueno. phew! lalitha is such a sweetheart!

Jean said...

Ack! I'm so sorry. What a nightmare. I sure hope you get the problem fixed soon with no further damage. Dang, that's a lot of water in your house.

JillyB said...

Argg! I would be pretty upset if my crafty stuff got all wet. I guess a lot would dry out okay, but it would still make me pretty sad to see all my work, or potential work, soggy. But on the bright side you had Idlis for lunch, I love those things! :^)

Cookie said...

OMG, that sucks! I'm glad the wheel and yarn are okay, but the paper! I hope you can get some nice paper there to make up for it?

Juls said...

oh no! that's awful. I would have cried too. Glad your knitting and spinning was safe.

Freecia said...

Just catching up. So sorry it poured on your crafts and INSIDE your home. At first, I thought the marble floor was super shiny...