Monday, April 21, 2008

All Sock Madness... All the Time!

I am really trying to not have this blog turn into a 24/7 Sock Madness news channel.

I had intended to do a nice interesting post for you this last week, but I was so busy doing "stuff" that it just didn't quite materialize. And now I am online waiting, waiting, waiting for the next pattern to be released.

Enjoying the hammock as the air starts to cool

It is Summer here. It is hot. Not unbearably so, but somewhat uncomfortable and we are now using the AC at night -hot. I am very grateful that we live in Bangalore (average current temp. 36-37 C./ 98 F.) rather than someplace like Delhi (40-41 C./ 104-105 F.) Ugh. I'm good thanks! It also doesn't get as humid here so it is still somewhat tolerable. The cats, particularly Benny, have taken to lying on the floor, tummy up, underneath the ceiling fans. It really looks quite ridiculous, but I will leave it to your imagination and try to preserve a bit of Benny's integrity and respectable image.

We spent the last weekend getting plants for the outside areas, moving furniture around (family members can insert laughter here), and hanging things on the wall. It felt like a productive weekend and I am starting to feel more comfortable in the house... it doesn't feel empty anymore. It is actually starting to feel like a comfortable home!

Ok- I give up. Things are going wonky on my computer and I want to post before the next round of Sock Madness starts. Will check in again soon!

View from the hammock before the mosquitoes come out...

Oh yes, I have also enabled word verification in an effort to reduce the comment spam that has been popping up on my blog lately... hopefully that will be enough and I won't have to go to comment moderation. But please, if you see any comment that says "See Here" with a link- don't go see it!


Rima said...

Your posts make me miss Bangalore so much. And your driver is going to have a baby--how nice! I cant wait to see what you knit up.

PS: And who said I am not going back to the store ;) I was so terribly overwhelmed...since I had no idea that the store was closing. I making some concrete plans and going back this week. I cant let malabrigo, artyarns, and manos just get away at 50%, can I?

Maya said...

It's good to see that you do have toes, not just socks! Enjoy that hammock!

Lynne said...

Ick - almost 100F there! It's not that warm here yet - we got some 80s the other weekend but this last week has been positively chilly! (high 50s!)
You are still having adventures and hey I've met Mary! (Not hard if I get to any knit groups ;-)

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