Friday, April 11, 2008

Slippin' Stripin' sock #1

Slippin' Stripin' sock #1
Originally uploaded by SnidKnits
One down....

Casting on #2. Later!


linnakat said...

Yikes...must get off computer and KNIT!

PS...looks great!

Bogie said...

You are soooo fast! Don't hurt yourself.

Maya said...

Sooo... I'm starting to piece it all together... this must have been the conversation some time last spring:

"Bryan, honey, I want to rock at Sock Madness next year! Can you find a job someplace far away where I can have a housekeeper, fewer teens in the house, and lots of free time to knit?" "Sure, Cindy my love, anything to help you at Sock Madness! How does Bangalore sound?"

spinnity said...

Oy! You are just miles ahead of me, again! I hear the wailing of the banshee. Back to the knitting for me!