Thursday, March 30, 2006

Gimp or Pimp?

Well. I have been out of sorts lately. Somehow, on Sunday, at a beautiful gathering in Danville, I sprained my ankle. I am grateful it is not broken. But maybe that would be easier. A broken ankle would get casted and would require me to completely stay off of my foot. But, alas, I am only slightly injured. My eldest daughter, visiting from Olympia Washington, graciously accompanied me to the medical clinic on Monday and after the x-ray I was told it was "only a sprain." I am supposed to ice it (it's cold enough already!), keep it elevated (I have found this hard to do while puttering around cleaning up after the kids) and perhaps use a cane to help take the weight off of my ankle. Well, after spending several hours waiting at the clinic I was ready to go home. Tired, pain, let me just lie still thank you. My eldest daughters took it upon themselves to go procure a cane for me. Thrift store, vintage store and they return with what was dubbed a "pimp cane." (That is what the vintage clothing store called it anyway!) Somehow I am envisioning an whole new Senior Center craft activity, "Pimp your Cane." A few sequins, glitter tape, maybe some airbrush flames.... could be fun!

In the meantime I have been trying to some knitting done, directing dinner making from the couch, finding a cane handy for swatting mouthy teenagers, and I finally got a picture of Isha with the Helmet hat and fingerless gloves before she went back to Olympia. Ain't she cute?!


jeni said...

"Pimp Your Cane"?! LOL, we all got a good laugh out of that over here at, Chez Knitist.

Isha said...

You can definitely tell that was at 5am.

hannah said...

sensei pimpsta!
is it safe to say that you can say that you have cankles? that's nut balls! :)

isha's matching mittens and cap are absolutely refreshing and oh so cute!

Smoke said...

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Guitar Master said...

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