Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Starting the New Year with a BANG!

A new year is here! Happy 2007!!!!!

Yesterday I was inspired with the new year and got much done around the house in terms of organizing. My lovely husband put together the new shelf from Ikea, so I was able to do some re-organizing with that. I love having space for all of my things for a change! But today, I was going to finish it all up... Was going to being the key. Instead I am sitting and being rather bored.

Last night something funny happened. I got up to use the toilet and somehow wound up on the floor. I don't remember falling or anything else. I just remember waking up on the floor and being completely disoriented, not knowing where I was or anything. I hit the back of my head pretty hard and when I went to the doctor this morning was told that I have a concussion. All I know is that it hurts, I feel very disorieted and am not going to be driving for a couple of days and that I feel like I CAN'T KNIT. I just feel like my eyes, my fingers and my brain aren't all quite working together and I'm afraid to knit anything for fear of getting completely confused. Not a good way to start off the year afterall.

I have made many typos in this post... dang this is frustrating.


Danielle said...

OMG!!! I hope you are ok!!!
Let me know if you need anything and I will be right there.

Love You~Danielle

hannah said...

god damn. sounds like vertigo.
sucks balls. :(( i'm glad you're doing a better. see you on sunday!