Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More of the Same

Yeah, I haven't posted in over a week.

I have been knitting. It's just the same 'ole things I am knitting. I wish I could knit at double speed or something. I really want to finish the Spanish Christening shawl and I am approaching the home stretch, it is just a l-o-n-g home stretch. (sigh). BUT, it is really beautiful, see:

This picture was taken after I had turned the first corner. I am about halfway done with the second side at this point, but yeah... the phrase, "miles and miles to go before I sleep" comes to mind.

I am also working on a scarf of my own design. I will publish the pattern once I am done. I am also going to work up a related pattern for a less wide version. Of course, by the time I am really done with them, Spring will be fully here and I won't wear them till next year. (double sigh) But, she is beautiful, no?

Pine Forest Scarf

I have been having fun (understatement of the year!) doing some social knitting, and Hannah (aka blog-mooch) would like me to post the following completed project:

The Bunny Hat!
Now, I could tell you where she got the pattern, except that I don't know where she got it. And, you could contact her and ask her, oh yeah... except that she doesn't have a blog..... well. Maybe she will post a comment with the site for the pattern. Hannah...?

(Pssst. Stitches is coming!!!!!)


Isha said...

Oh man, that is a gorgeous scarf. does stay colder for longer up here.

Cindy said...

Would that be a "hint" I detect? Hmmm, sorry dear, I am keeping this one for myself ;)

I'll be happy to share the pattern with you though!

Hannah Marie said...

the shawl is coming along beautifully. i haven't knitted a scarf since bc i've been knitting for everyone else. DAMN them!

hahhaah! love isha's comment. hmm..very subtle isha.. very subtle.

as for the bunny beanie =

much love ~ no blog mooching hannah

p.s. since i've been harrassed by EVERYONE - i will finally open up a blog!!

Jo said...

Cindy, that Pine Forest scarf is utterly beautiful.

But I'm in need of help! New Blogger has stolen away my hit counter and I can't face starting again at 1, when I had got so far! Any hints as to how to find where they've hidden my old template?

A desperate Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns

cindy said...

Looks like you have projectitis as well!!! I LOVE the shawl.......what pattern are you using?