Sunday, February 04, 2007

We Knit

Why do we knit?

I was thinking about this question today as I was relaxing in my living room, yarn and needles in hand, surrounded by some of my favorite people who also happened to have yarn and needles. Yes, it is an addictive activity. Somehow we feel compelled to continue knitting, one more row, one more round, a few more stitches. We feel awed by what we create with our hands. We enjoy the feel of the yarn as it glides through our fingers and makes neat little rows of stitches that magically become a hat, a scarf, a sweater, socks. We take pride in our work, (or become confused, make mistakes and hide it away while we start something new!) My, what fun!

But there is also the social aspect. I remember when my children were young, really magical things happened when I pulled out my knitting. It's like they could sense the spirit of creation. They would come, one by one, with their books - their pencils or crayons - their Legos or blocks. They would build, create, make. Somehow this playful but quiet, serious but fun energy would surround us. We make magic.

Of course now, the social aspect is different. I spend time with my knitting peers and comrades. Sharing our current projects and laughing as we get to know each other deeper and more intimately. Somehow as our fingers work, or hearts and minds open to each other and we become friends.

Jeni shows off her new shoes! Tre Cool!

Thank you all for being my knitting friends!


theknitist said...

Hey, I didn't get to see it the other night, but that's a gorgeous sunset behind me, huh? Thanks for being MY knitting friend and letting us all come over to your Casa de Teenagers and knit!

Cindy said...

Casa de Teenagers, oh man.
LOL... you crack me up


hannah said...

amen sista sensei!
jeni's right - the sunset is muy bonita! *wink wink ari*
cindy - you are so generous and gracious. i can't live without you! jeni is right there as well!