Thursday, February 22, 2007

Finished Objects

I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas. Stitches starts today and I woke up at 6:30 A freakin' M. I know, I know. I don't even wake up that early on Christmas, not to mention any other day of the year unless I have to to for some torturous reason. I absolutely could not stay in bed another moment. Don't laugh (okay, go ahead, I'm laughing too)

No here is something else. Remember this (and here)? I finished knitting this some time ago. I started sewing it together and then it got put aside. I was concerned that it wouldn't fit well, I was concerned that because of that my mangled attempts at finish work it would look awful and that I would be embarrassed to show it to anyone let alone wear it on a regular basis. Well, I decided that I really wanted something to wear to Stitches that would actually make me look like a knitter and so I finished it!

Now I feel really stupid because I LOVE this sweater. It is warm and comfortable without being heavy. The colors are great and I think it fits really well. I should have finished it ages ago. Now I need to finish one more that is sitting in a bag just waiting to be pieced together. (Do you see why I am trying to move towards doing sweaters in the round?!)

Now I also need to post my dear daughters' finished object(s). Her mittens!

I am actually really proud of her on these. She really did it all on her own. I offered very minimal help and only when she asked me specifically. Go Anna! You did a great job!!!!! she made them to match the scarf that Brianna made for her for Christmas last year.

As to the rest... you will hear from me again AFTER Stitches!!!!!!!!! Have a great weekend!


Jeni said...

Look at you!!! Nice sweater. Glad you finally finished it and it looks fabulous on you. Congrats! See you at dinner tonight.

Kristi said...

Last night, talking to Freecia, I said something about Stitches Eve. So you're not alone, is what I'm saying!

hannah marie said...

waking up at 6:30 in the holy mofo morning is insanity. :)