Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Stitches West is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Countdown time for Stitches! Yipeee!!!

I have been looking forward to this for months. An entire weekend filled with knitting and knitters. Awesome! I am fortunate that this event, which they have in three different locations in the entire United States, takes place in my hometown! Yup the Santa Clara Convention Center is a mere 6.2 miles from my home. Of course, the UN-fortunate part of this is that I cannot justify staying in a hotel and escaping from Casa de Teenagers for the weekend. Major bummer, dude. Still, it will be a real treat to be surrounded by like minded fiber-nuts for a few days.

It all starts this Thursday with the "Traditional Shetland Scarf" class with Candace Eisner Strick. Then afterwards a group of us are supposed to meet for dinner before we go to the MARKET PREVIEW. The Preview was a lot of fun last year. A large group of people headed straight for the Blue Moon Fiber Arts booth so that we could stock up on Socks That Rock yarn. I'm trying not to buy too much more sock yarn until I have used a little more up, but we'll see how I hold up when faced with the beautiful colors and textures before my eyes...

On Friday I have an all day "Twined Mittens" class with Beth Brown-Reinsel. I think this is the class that I am most looking forward to since it will involve learning a completely new technique. That is always exciting, unless it is frustrating because I don't understand (erk!), help wish for the former, okay?

Saturday I have two classes with Beth Walker-O'Brien, one on "Fair-Isle Knitting" and the other on "Flawless Finishing: Norwegian and Fair-Isle Sweaters". I have heard that she is an awesome teacher and I have a couple of projects that I hope to take on this year that would benefit from a little more skill in these areas.

(Why do all of my teachers have three names?! hmmmm)

Sunday I have reserved as Market day. Most of the yarn lust should have worn off by then (? I can wish can't I?!) and I can enjoy a leisurely day of wandering the aisles and deciding what I want to spend my limited budget on. I still would like to get a husband sweater going since my last years' attempt had to be abandoned. But I haven't been able to really decide on a pattern. He really wants a cardigan, but I would a) really prefer to knit in the round and b) can't find a knit-in-the-round cardi pattern that we both like. Well, in the meantime...

I have homework for Stitches that I should be doing, a house I should be cleaning, work-work I should be doing, cooking... Dang.

OH yeah! Hannah (aka blog-mooch) now has her own blog!!!!! Go say "hi"!

Hope to see you at Stitches!


hannah marie said...

mucho love sensei! :)
i can't wait to work on my heel flap .. my first sock. my wrists hurt .. no pain, no gain.
i WANT to be a stay at home knitter. is that feasible? NOPE!! :((((( why can't we win the LOTTO god damnit.

spinnity said...

I love twined mittens. I hope the class is a good one, since it goes all day! You are really stocking up on the Traditional Knitting Techniques - you'll be ready for an all Elizabeth Zimmerman retreat soon.