Monday, March 06, 2006


Okay, so the block party continues. I have finished the scarf and moved on to blocking my newly finished shawl! (Yes- Conner's flames sweater will soon follow!) I can't believe that I lived for so long without a blocking board. Money well spent.

On another note- I went to my first Stitch 'n bitch today. It was small but fun. It really just is nice to sit around with other similarly obsessed people.

My two homeschool kids are getting ready for Science Fair this next week. My son- the rocket obsessed recipient of the JESSE'S FLAMES sweater- had a last minute opportunity to test his rocket nosecones in a wind tunnel last week. Very cool. Well we got there and yup, there was a switch and an empty chamber with a fan at one end and sure enough, when you turned on the switch the chamber had wind rushing through it. Okay. Now what. So we need to somehow SEE the movement of the air- so they managed to scrounge up a fog machine and when we held the fog machine, just-so, up to the outside of the fan we could SEE the air moving around his nosecone. But gee- the nosecone wasn't quite in the right place sitting on the piece of foam they had found in the box under the table the wind tunnel was on (don't you just love science?) What to do. Wow, we really need to suspend this they say. How are we going to do that? Hah. Knitter to the rescue. I had the then unfinished alpaca scarf with me, so I quickly unwound the ball I was working from (you didn't think I was going to break my yarn did you?!) and got to the end, cut off enough yarn, and VOILA! A science project is saved. Lovely color with the rocket don't you think?

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Jeni said...

Just one more reason why knitters are so freakin cool! I'm just sayin...