Friday, March 03, 2006

Block party

Well true confession time. I have never really truly blocked anything that I have knitted. Maybe it is bad memories of blocking tacky needlepoint pictures when I worked in a framing shop. Maybe it's just too futsy. Maybe I just like knitting better ?! Anyway. Enough is enough. I purchased a blocking board. Yes, we have a large dining room table and many other flat surfaces, but we also have a large household (note six kids in profile) and these spaces get used a lot. With the blocking board, I should have a PORTABLE flat space. Just the ticket!

So, now that I have removed all obstacles to completing my knitting projects it is time to have a block party! Time for me to dig out those UFO's- You know, the ones that you knit away at and then stick in a bag till you can "block and assemble." PLEASE don't tell me I'm the only one who does this?! I have two sweaters that are pretty much complete except for this step. I finished my son's JESSIE'S FLAMES sweater w/o blocking and now I have a scarf that is all done but really needs to be- yup, blocked. Gonna be a pretty busy board...

Here is my new board with a soon to be blocked scarf (the alpaca!)

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jeni said...

I've gone for 2 years without a blocking boad and now I'm almost convinced that I need one too. Hrm. Mebbe I'll just invite myself and my UFO's that need blocking over to your house ;)