Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just the links...

Okay. First let me apologize for the previous post. I know. I was lazy, or maybe just busy, but it was very, ummm... not typical of me. (still think those were some nice glutes though!) But wow, what a week. I can hardly believe that in the last week I have been knocked out of Sock Madness (that one still stings a bit), went to a Dulaan knitting party at Rachael Yarn-a-Go-Go's, went to Bobaknit (and we got Schwag! See here), decided that it was time to get back in shape and joined up at Run-a-go-go (Rachael is a go-go gal I think!), purchased a Nike+ and knit a little cozy for it, also got a new Nano to link up with my Nike+. Man, too cool. That little Nike+ thing is pretty darn awesome. I took my first walk this evening (I'm not much of a runner) and I feel like I have my own personal coach along. It is very inspiring!!!!

I also went to Purlesence on Friday, hanging out and knitting with Jeni (funny story there, but I'll let her tell it!) and bought yarn and a pattern to make this. It is going to be very nice! I needed a nice easy quick knit. Yes, I have socks to knit and I am still working on the sweater for my husband, but it is also nice to have a simple straight knit kind of project on the needles. Don't ya think?

Next time, I will have pictures, I will have detail, and maybe another little surprise. Stay tuned!

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Jean said...

My, my, you have been busy. Let's see the cozy you knit for the Nike+! I'm still stinging a bit from the sock madness loss, too. But if not last round, then it probably would have been this round - real life is going to get seriously in the way of sock knitting this week.