Monday, April 16, 2007

"Psssst. Hey. You with the needles... Ya wanna buy some yarn?"

I swear, everytime I go to my LYS, this is what I seem to hear. Why can I not come away empty handed?! Last week I told them I was over my limit. They needed to cut me off. This week they enticed me again. And now I may really be in trouble. I am taking a spinning class. Did you see me petting the boxes of spinning wheels when they arrived? They are so beautiful and somehow totally turn on my inner geek. Yeah, I know- you all think I am a born again Luddite or something (but really- would a Luddite have a blog? Nah...) But these wheels? They are such a marvel of design. They are efficient. They are made of beautiful hardwood. They whir....

Oh my.

The trouble starts Thursday.

In the meantime here are my latest "fixes" and projects:

Blue Moon Fiber Arts, Socks That Rock in Midsummer Night, Blue Moonstone, and Thistle.

Malabrigo. (also referred to as "knitter's crack")

Regia Bamboo. This I am using to knit the Sock Madness round #4 sock, "Mad Color Weave"
Here is a close-up:

I don't have a problem. I mean, this is all going to be knit into useful objects. I mean I can stop at any time, but why would I? I want to knit, I want to feel the fiber slipping through my fingers as I pass the needles into the hole and wrap that yarn around, not to tightly, hold the tension, hold it.. hold it... and ahhhh.
A stitch is created.

Yarn p0rn indeed.


Jeni said...

Gone are the days of only having enough yarn for your current projects, eh? Soon you will have to start looking into complicated Stashing Storage Systems.

And then there's all of the fiber that you will be aquiring soon, which only turns into more yarn!


Jean said...

So maybe it is an addiction. Maybe we say we could stop at anytime, knowing full well we're kidding ourselves. But as addictions go, we could do a lot worse. That's what I tell myself anyway. :)

Janice said...

I like the Crack line... I can't quit fondling that yarn!!!! I must look like an addict.

Margit said...

Ahhh.... another spinner joins the ranks. Welcome.

Love the yarn. Malabrigo is crack. It's so soft. I love it. Good thing I always think to go to Purlescence on Tuesday, when they're closed...