Friday, April 13, 2007

At least I Have Benny

You know, it's really hard to follow up a post like my last one. And tonight, instead of being at Bobaknit, I am at home. But Benny is keeping me company, see:

I am back to my everyday life.
Hubby is on another business trip.
I am stuck at home with a bunch of grumpy teenagers.
It is pms week (just imagine, there are 5 of us).
But thank God I have my knitting!*

I am almost done with a second pair of Mad-tini socks that I started. I actually opted out of doing pattern #3 from Sock Madness because I liked pattern #2 so much. Pattern #4 will be released soon and looks to be something a bit more challenging, so I might take that on. Oh, and I just found out that I won something from Sock Madness!!!! I have won a skein of Sock Madness yarn (don't know what color yet). That is so cool. :)

*I was going to photograph these socks for you and finish them tonight- but ACK! I have left them somewhere! Need to track them down tomorrow - "don't panic, don't panic...."

I have also been working on the Aran sweater for my husband. It really is a nice cable pattern and I am really happy with the way the particular yarn works with it. It's funny though. I am so used to working with lighter weight yarns that I find that I get tired of working on this much more quickly. I feel like I am struggling with the yarn, probably because the cables tighten things up a bit and the yarn doesn't have a lot of give. But I am plugging away at it and am probably 3/4 done with the back!

I also started the Ribby Pulli. This is such an easy knit I can watch just about anything and not screw it up. I could easily take it with me anytime I am doing social knitting. No problem. (Dang- you KNOW I am going to regret saying that, don't you?)

But I need another project! I know I am going to knit alongside my fellow Sock Madness competitors when the next pattern is released on Saturday but I am feeling the need for something lace-y. I may have to dig out the cashmere soon!

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Jean said...

I saw you won some sock madness yarn. Too cool. Congrats! A little something to brighten PMS week (shudder!), perhaps? Aw, Benny looks so sweet and soft. Give him a little pat for me.