Thursday, March 01, 2007

I Need a Cheer Squad

Sock Yarn Stash
I did it. I'm in. I am committed (or should be committed maybe?) I am officially in Sock Madness. This crazy Knit-along will start on the 10th of March and will match me up against other knitters in a sock knitting tournament, a nutty knitting alternative to March Madness I guess. They supply the patterns and the first one to complete their sock in a given bracket moves on - or something like that. We are supposed to be matched up according to ability, which is good cause I haven't made that many pairs of socks yet. I must confess that I signed up in a moment of weakness, encouraged by Jo and sent the e-mail as I gazed at the very full bag of sock yarn on my shelf. "Would be good to get some of those knitted up!" And there you go. I was in.

Insanity. I have so many other projects I want to start, and with the Spanish Christening blanket (I can no longer call it a shawl) almost done I am eyeing new projects like a squirrel darting back and forth on the fence trying to decide between the apricot tree, the peach tree or the plums. (dang squirrels get ours every year). What's a knitter to do? So, in the meantime;
  • I am finishing said blanket,
  • I need to write up the pattern for the Pine Forest Scarf,
  • I want to work up the pattern for the as yet un-named narrower version
  • And I need to decide on something to knit.
Do you see why I need a cheer squad? I need to FOCUS!


Bogie said...

Oh my. I hadn't heard about Sock Madness before and I'm glad they're not accepting any more sign-ups. Not that I probably would have, but at least I don't even have the option now.

Good luck! Have your needles poised and ready to go on March 10th and let us know how it goes. Most importantly, don't hurt yourself. Seriously.

hannah marie said...

sweetness ~ INSANITY is an understatement. jeni and i will come over in cheer gear. hopefully it wont be too distracting.

Margene said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog for the first time today! It's always great to meet other enthusiasts. And how cool you're in the West! Happy to meet you. Enjoy Sock Madness...I'm afraid, very afraid to enter.