Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blankies and BobaBabes

So after several days of blocking and drying, blocking and drying, the Spanish Christening Shawl (blanket) is officially a Finished Object! Yesterday I gifted the blanket and took the opportunity to take a couple of picks before I stole Tyler away for some cuddling with his Great Aunt (that would be me and yes, "great" is an adjective!) Tyler spent the time fussing, eating and needing a new diaper but he is cute and it was nice to get a baby-fix in. Danielle looks absolutely amazing for someone who has just had a baby!

And here is a closeup of the TWO finished objects!

After I hung out with the babes, I went to bobaknitting and hung out with the bodacious bobababes (yes we have some nice "bobaboys" too.) This is a fun group and somehow Thursdays are becoming the best night for me to get out and do some knitting.
There are knitters of all ages,

Wonderful knitters who make me laugh and inspire me with their beautiful knitted objects,

And friends who know how to have a good time!

There was lengthy discussion on the deeper meanings of boba but after some time we banned Hannah from talking until she had "made a circle". She was having so much fun that she forgot that we were there to knit (had been there for and 1 1/2 hours and still hadn't joined her round on the beanie...)

On other topics-

Sock Madness starts tomorrow and I have been practicing different methods of toe-up construction in case we are given a pattern that needs to be knit up in that way. (I have never done a toe-up sock before) I have also learned how to do socks on two circular needles and used that as an excuse to pick up some of the new Addi lace turbos! They are pretty nice, but also similar to the Knitpicks Options needles.

My dear husband who was supposed to return from China yesterday, is instead returning from Taiwan tomorrow. Only to leave again in a week for Finland :(

The cold I was fighting off earlier in the week has returned to rear its ugly head again (ugly head filled with mucus and painful sinuses). Ugh. Great. Not.


hannahbee said...

my god that blanket/shawl is GRAND! it's so freaking beautiful.
i finally after 2 hrs finished the round. talk about PEER pressure!
i HEART you!

Danielle and Baby Tyler said...

The blanket/shawl is beautiful, we used it for the first time last night at about 2am it kept me warm while he ate. Last night was the first good night of sleep in a couple days it must be because he knows his beautiful new blanket is here to keep him warm.

Hannah needed peer pressure....I love her! I need some peer pressure I havent knitted since little Tyler has been born, I havent read my book and in fact I dont think Ive spent longer than 30 seconds brushing my teeth since he has been born so you can imagine what my house looks like. I'm going crazy!! :)

Anyway~ Love you ~ The blanket is beautiful and soooo warm!

hannahbee said...

danielle and baby tyler ~ OMG.. tyler is so freaking handsome. i need to see HIM! :((
a newborn baby takes up all your time. :) aren't they precious?
i miss you!

Pauline said...

The blanket is beautiful. It's really classy yet wonderfully practical.

The Bobaknit pictures are great! I'll probably get back next week.

Linda said...

the blanket is absolutely gorgeous! that is a ton ton ton of work!